Thursday, September 10, 2015

WR Memory Keepers Foil Pen with Wood Veneer + video tutorial

Yep, yet another way to use your WR Memory Keepers Heat Wave Foil Pen! This tool really is a lot of fun! On this card not only did I use the Foil Pen on wood veneer paper, but I used it without a stencil or guide. Its all free hand!

This bright and shiny birthday card needed the feel of even more party, so I decided to add random "confetti," or polka dots to my die cut journaling card.

Trimming down the foil to smaller pieces really helps you "see' where you are placing the gold foiling. And speaking of the foil, I have only been using the foil that comes with the tool. However, I did experiment with other heat reactive foils. I tried the Heidi Swapp foil, which worked just fine for this and the tracing paper/stamp method. I also used Deco Art foil. While it worked, it was not as easy to transfer and did not work for the tracing paper/stamp method. That being said, I love all the foils, they just have different uses. Bring on the gold! :)

Here is a quick video showing how easy this is to accomplish!

My other videos about the WR Memory Keepers Heat Wave Foil Pen:

thanks for stopping by, and yes there will be another video!


1 comment:

Linda said...

This is absolutely a beautiful card. I have seen the foil used and have not tried it. I will certainly give it a try after seeing this card. Thanks for sharing.

Linda D.

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