Thursday, September 10, 2015

using the WR Memory Keepers Foil Pen with dies + video

And yes, it is one more video tutorial about the WR Memory Keepers Heat Wave Foil Pen! I think you are getting a clearer picture at how addicting this tool really can be. Its a small splurge, I admit. But its gold. And its pretty! :)

When using the Foil Pen, it works very well with some kind of guide, whether that is a stencil, or an image you stamped. So as I was playing around, I noticed I had a set of open die templates laying on my table. What I mean by open is, you can see through the middle of your dies. Bingo! Why not use the inside, or even outside, edge of the die templates as a guide for the Foil Pen?

It worked really well! I also experimented with black card stock, curious if the foiling would show up, and well, you can see how well it shows up! Yay! Check out the video tutorial below to see the dies and Foil Pen in action. There is also a tip about removing any unwanted gold foil from your card stock towards the end. Enjoy!

Click the image, or the link below to watch the video:

Previous videos:

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Unknown said...

How pretty is that foil?! LOVE!

donna mikasa said...

So cool! You're having WAY too much fun with that tool! Love it!!

TracyM #6773 said...

THANK YOU for sharing - I feel the NEED to join the GOLDEN trend :)

Jean Bullock said...

Love the card. I hadn't know about the foil transfer pen. Definitely adding that to my wish list.

Lagene said...

WOW! Great card, Love seeing new ways to foil!

Satori said...

Thanks for sharing the technique videos! So many applications!

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