Thursday, April 19, 2018

Mother's Day Card

Mother's Day will be here before we know it. I love sending my mom extra special cards and this one I made for the We R Memory Keepers blog is no exception. Head on over to see how I made this flower, you will be surprised! 

Sincerely Yours,

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

two-tone watercolor blending video tutorial - its magic!

This magical watercolor effect on these hearts is created with Peerless Watercolors and a water brush. Isn't it magical?!? This technique is fun and easy!

Watch the video below to learn about Peerless Watercolors, the water brushes you will need for this technique, and then finally, how to create this look for yourself! 

For those who would like to watch the video in HD, you can click below:

Inside a water brush, I have placed cut-up, small pieces of Peerless water color. Peerless Watercolor is intense water color that has been applied to paper. You can create palettes of the watercolors easily. The color is picked up off the paper with any type of brush.

When the brush is filled with water, the water takes on the color of the paper. This allows your water brush to now become a colored brush. When you pick up a secondary color with the brush, you can easily create magical-looking blends. For examples of the colors in the brushes, and the blending combinations, be sure and watch the video above.

You can create large ombre images like the hearts from the Gina K Designs stamp set, Geo Thanks. Or, you can create smaller images with the same magic effect! By picking up a smaller amount of color on the brush tip, the smaller images are a breeze to color. Keep in mind that Peerless Watercolors are truly intense. They will also dry darker.

This is so much fun! I have had my Peerless filled brushes for over a year and I love them each time I take them out to play! Have fun creating two-tone magic on your next card!

Sincerely Yours,

Monday, April 16, 2018

Mail it Monday

National Card and Lettering Writing month continues. Today we are slightly over the half-way point of the month. How many cards have you been able to send? Even if its one, that is okay. You made someone so incredibly happy with that one piece of mail!

If you are just joining in, check out this post that has a calendar full of card-mailing prompts. Inspiring ideas for people to mail cards to! National Card and Letter Writing Month.

I have also updated the post from last week about What to Write on the Inside of Cards. I compiled everything we talked about last week on the Mail it Monday Instagram account. The card-mailers over in our little community are wise, clever, and so heartfelt! Thank you all again for sharing your greatest ideas! You inspired each and every one of us!

Keep on mailing those beautiful cards, my friends!

Sincerely Yours,

Thursday, April 12, 2018

What to write on the inside of cards?

The fantastic discussion and idea-sharing is continuing on Instagram. (Find us @MailItMonday) Everyone has such wonderful ideas to share with the community about the insides of our cards. Today is the big one. The toughest part of all. What to write on the inside. ???

There are many ways to write on the inside, but finding the words you truly want to say can be difficult. Especially in difficult situations. What it really boils down to is, sincerity. That's it. Say what is on your heart. You can never go wrong by expressing you. 

But, if you still need a road map and some more encouragement, use these simple steps to get yourself started. While these are simple, I have found they help me map out the words that my heart is trying to express.

Card Inside Writing Tips:
  1. Opener-say hello, hi, dear, or use a silly nickname. Add the recipient's name and you have a great start!
  2. Explain why you are sending a card and note. Maybe its a special occasion, illness, or maybe something made you think of that person today. Focus on the recipient and why the need or want to hear from you.
  3. Share a little bit more. Maybe expand on what made you think of them, share a story, pay them a compliment, tell them what they mean to you, etc.
  4. Wrap it up by repeating why you wrote, or wish them well.
  5. Sign off. Use whatever closing works for the reason you are sending the card. For me personally, love is never a bad way to sign off.

Resources for finding wording for the insides of cards:

The Best Tips for Card Insides from the Card-Mailing community at Mail It Monday:
  • Carry the theme of the front of the card to the inside.
    • Stamp the same images in lighter colors.
      • The lighter colors of ink allow you to still write.
    • Use a small strip of the same patterned paper as the front.
  • Write words from your heart.
    • Start with the recipient's name.
    • Think about and visualize the person you are writing to. Imagine a conversation.
    • Keep it simple.
    • Write large with a large pen. Wink.
    • Stamp a sentiment that conveys your message.
    • If you do not like your handwriting, type it on your computer and print it out.

My favorite idea yet. This came from a couple of Mail It Monday community members, who were happy to share the idea and pass it along. The idea is this; take a piece of paper and write these words on the inside. Your card makes someone's day, but also becomes a gift for them to pass along! Brilliant!
"I didn't sign this card before I sent it to you,
instead it hold my fondest wish that I have for you.
So if you find you need to brighten someone's day,
then take this card, sign it, and send it on its way."

So write on the insides my fellow card-mailers!

Sincerely Yours,

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Mail It Monday: Card Insides and Making them Incredible

This week for Mail It Monday we have been talking about card insides. Over on Instagram (@mailitmonday) the conversation has been packed with fantastic ideas and so much inspiration! Be sure and join us over there!

I don't know about you, but I always get stuck when it comes to card insides. Staring at a blank canvas with far too many worries about what I need to add. Frankly, I leave it pretty plain, and that is just sad. After spending all that time making the front something beautiful, why ignore the inside?

After a fantastic and inspiring discussion, I took one of the ideas shared and ran with it. The idea was to simply stamp a coordinating image from the front of the card on the inside. Seriously awesome touch here! Look at that! So easy, yet so impactful. 
Another great idea was to stamp images in lighter colors, allowing you to write over the top. Which I also thought was brilliant and will be using soon!

Next topic that came up was our general lack of love for our own handwriting. Which I hear. I am not a huge fan of mine either. And many days, because of my rheumatoid arthritis and medications, my hands shake something awful. Making an even bigger mess.
HOWEVER, adding your own words to the inside of a card adds a final touch that no stamp or patterned paper ever could. Its adding a piece of you and what is on your heart. So even if you add a few words with a very large pen, writing something.

My personal hack to help out my handwriting are these ProjectLife journaling cards. At 3x4" they are the perfect size to place inside a standard A2 card. I had many requests on where to find these, so I will add links for your quick reference. (affiliate links used, at no cost to you.)

FREE downloadable cards can be found here. These need to be printed, but would be perfect to have available, any time you needed them! ProjectLife Lined Journal Cards

I will be back sharing the rest of our week of card insides! Please join us on Instagram (@mailitmonday) and be a part of the card-mailing community!

Sincerely Yours,

Friday, April 6, 2018

Wick Candle Machine - DIY candles

So, my wheelhouse, and my first love, is paper when it comes to crafting. But, my assignment for We R Memory Keepers was to use the Wick Candle Machine. I was leery, at best. Twelve candles later, I am hooked! The Wick is a wonderful machine! So easy to use and the creative possibilities are endless!

You can create pillar candles using the molds that come with the machine. You can also create candles in any heat-safe container, like these jars. There is color that you can mix to design custom candles as well. 

Want to know the coolest part about these pineapple candles I made? THEY SMELL LIKE PINEAPPLE! Yep, you can add essential oils to the wax as it melts and have custom scented candles! Anyone else seeing a lot of candles being made for Mother's Day?! Head to the We R Memory Keepers blog for more details. And also, visit me on Instagram. If you are curious about how the Wick works and to learn a few tips and tricks, I have a detailed story saved there! 

Sincerely Yours,

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

birthday party decor

Its time for another fun post with We R Memory Keepers! This week my assignment was to create birthday party decor. Talk about fun! I had a blast creating all these fun party pieces using my We R Memory Keepers tools and papers from Happy Hooray by Pebbles, Inc. Guess what? With those awesome tools, I made all of this in about an hour! Seriously! Visit the We R Memory Keepers blog for all the details!

Sincerely Yours,
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