Monday, August 5, 2019

The Ultimate Inspiration Calendar for Card-Mailers - August 2019

I think the days are going faster and faster. Maybe it is just the summer. Whatever is happening in our busy days, let's use this calendar as a reminder to send cards to those in our lives!

The Ultimate Inspiration Calendar for Card-Mailers is a FREE resource for you to print, or even save the image below. Use this calendar as card-making AND card-mailing inspiration. Use these often silly days to remind you to take out that forgotten set of stamps. Use the special days as a reminder to send a card to someone who needs one. However you choose to use this calendar, let it be an encouragement for you to send love, send cards.
To download your FREE calendar, click here:

If you are new to Mail It Monday, please follow along with us on Instagram. The account is @MailItMonday. Everyone posts with the hashtag #mailitmonday. When we follow along, we encourage each other in our card-making and card-mailing. Its a way to find new friends who love cards as much as we do. Use it to find new friends to send cards to! The community is always growing and we want to include you!

Plus, I am terrible at keeping fun secrets, so I have to let you know that the second anniversary of Mail It Monday is coming in September! You CANNOT believe the companies that have already joined in for the celebration, and all the fabulous bloggers too! Prizes, fun, and celebrating! This is going to be good!

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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

simple and sweet shaker cards with WRMK Clear Cut Punch Mini

Ahhh, summertime. Warm temps, days at the pool, late nights chasing lightning bugs and toasting marshmallows...and you need a card for tomorrow?!?!? 

Hang on, no worries, once again We R Memory Keepers has a tool that will make quick, adorable, and even interactive cards in minutes! Say hello to the Mini Clear Cut Punch! Clear Cut Punches allow you to see what you are punching. Like an image? A letter? A part of your patterned paper? No problem, cut it away easily with this magnetic punch! A follow-up to the regular-sized punches, these Mini Clear Cut Punches are fun for card-making!

Matching my punches up with these super sweet papers from Pebbles, made for quick and easy shaker cards. So easy, you can include the kiddos in the process. Which, is always wonderful!

Check out the full tutorial on the We R Memory Keepers Blog and if you want to see more about the punches and how they work, pop on over and visit my Stories on Instagram. You can find me @kimberlystamps .

Sincerely Yours,
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Monday, June 24, 2019

The Ultimate Inspiration Calendar for Card-Mailers Calendar - July 2019

Download the calendar for FREE here:

Hello card-mailers! Hard to believe how quickly the summer is passing us by! But it is time for the JULY calendar! This month's calendar seems to be full of good food and drink, which seems appropriate for the heart of summer. But there are a few days of special note, that we don't want to have get lost in the shuffle of sloth and gluttony...
July 11th is Cheery Up the Lonely Day. Be sure and send a card off to someone special that needs extra love. I might also encourage you to bring a card to an elderly neighbor who might be alone. Or, even bring a stack of cards to a local nursing home and have them passed out. Spread the love wherever you can.

Also note the family members days later in the month. Cousins, Aunts and Uncles, and Father-In-Laws. You know, we often forget to acknowledge those family members, at least I do. Take the time to send a card off to them. Write about a special memory you have of them. Its a sweet way to send love via good old fashioned snail mail!

Join us on Instagram @mailitmonday. There is a constantly growing community of card-mailers there waiting to encourage your card-making AND your card-mailing! Plus, I share fun postage stamps coming out, places that are in need of cards, card drives, and much more! We would love to see you there!

Download the calendar for FREE here:

Sincerely Yours,

Monday, June 3, 2019

Backyard Movie Lights - DIY Neon Lights - We R Memory Keepers Big Happy Jig

For the last couple of summers, we have been hosting backyard movie nights at our house. We found an amazing and massive screen and my husband and son put together an amazing sound system! We have tons of friends and families over. We have snacks, visit, and enjoy favorite movies under the stars! Its one of our favorite parts of summer!

I always have a ton of snacks, but once the sun sets and the movie starts, well, its tough to see your way to refill your popcorn! I have tried some other solutions, but none really seemed to work. So, when I got my design team box with the We R Memory Keepers Big Happy Jig and the Neon Wire, I knew that I was going to have a blast creating signs for our movie nights!

The Neon Wire bends easily, just like standard wire. While there are tons of design patterns available, I made my own when it came to this popcorn box! I used two different colors of wire for a very specific reason-the Neon Wire has three different functions! 

Each set of wire has a battery pack that is also a controller. The first setting is steady, the second is a slower blink, and the third is a fast blink. On my popcorn box, I can keep the box steady, but have the popcorn blink! EEEE! SO cute!

After creating my wire shapes, I mounted them to frames and signs that I had in my crafty stash, making it easy to display them. I made two more wire designs, but need to find the perfect backers for them. I cannot wait to get all my signs out!

We had our first backyard movie this past weekend and the signs were a hit! Everyone loved them, and loved that they could see their way to the popcorn as well! I have a full tutorial on the We R Memory Keepers blog. Its full of great tips that you won't want to miss!

Sincerely Yours,

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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

The Ultimate Inspiration Calendar for Card-Mailers - June 2019

Card-mailers how is it June already? We have reached the half-way point of 2019! How is your card-mailing going? Still going strong? Or do you need a bit of encouragement? You are in luck for encouragement today as the June calendar is now available for FREE download!

What is the Ultimate Inspiration Calendar for Card-Mailers? Its a FREE monthly printable calendar that highlight the national days of the year. Some are fun, some are outright silly, and others are serious. I have put these calendars together to not only help inspire you to make cards for fun reasons, but also as a way to prompt you to think of new reasons to send cards to. Even new people to send cards to! Use this resource to encourage yourself to send cards to those around you. As I like to say, send love, send cards! And it is true! Think of how wonderful it feels to find a card in the mail! Not a bill, not junk, and not political mailings, but a piece of mail just for you!
You can download the calendar for FREE by clicking here:

Or, if you just want to keep an image on your phone, feel free to grab a screen shot, or save the image!

As always, we would love to have you join us on Instagram and become a part of our 
card-mailing movement! Follow @MailItMonday and you are in! Because Mail it Monday is all about the reminder to send love, send cards! 

Sincerely Yours,

Thursday, May 16, 2019

DIY custom couture candles - We R Memory Keepers Wick and Silhouette Cameo

I have been noticing candles making a huge comeback in home decor. Gorgeous scents, gorgeous designs, and well, it makes me, not a candle girl, want to have allll the candles! As I thought about it, I thought, wait, I have the We R Memory Keepers Wick Candle Maker AND a Silhouette Cameo...I can make my own custom candles!

I began by making my own candles. The We R Memory Keepers Wick is easy to use. The candle-making machine comes with wax and colored wax to customize your candles to match anything. Instead of using the cotton wicking that comes with the machine, I purchased these beautiful glass candle jars, with lids, and a pre-fastened wick, at Michael's. They had that couture and spa-like feel I was looking for too. 

Don't forget you can take your customization a step farther by adding your own scents! There are candle oils, or you can use essential oils to create the scent you want. I find that I need to use many more drops that I expect. For a full pot of wax I use 15 or more drops. 

Once the candles were finished and cooled, I could decorate the outsides. I used gold vinyl, because, gold! :) I found so many wonderful designs in the Silhouette Design Store! You can add just about anything you can imagine!

For a complete tutorial on how to decorate the candles, visit the Silhouette 101 Blog!
Who wants to make all the candles now? 

Sincerely Yours,

Monday, April 29, 2019

Ultimate Inspiration Calendar for Card-Mailers: May 2019

The year just seems to be flying by! It is already May, and well, looking at this calendar, it will be a busy month! I guess in the spring we have much to celebrate. Its like Thanksgiving for the spring! I know each day this month has a day associated with it, but there were so many good ones, I couldn't help but add them all.

Use these days as inspiration for sending cards for different reasons and to different people. Use the days to inspire some fun at your house with your family. Take the idea and meet up with a friend to celebrate! Simply use the Ultimate Inspiration Calendar for Card-Mailers to inspire you to add joy and love and happiness to your life and the life of those around you!

As always, this download is FREE! Feel free to print it, save it, share it, however you want to use it! To get the calendar, simply click on the link above and download the file. If you would rather, you can always right click and save the image, if that is easier.

If you are curious about what Mail It Monday is all about, join us on Instagram @MailitMonday. You will find a lovely group of card-mailers who encourage one another in their card-making adventures, but also cheer on the mailing of your cards!

The origins of Mail It Monday can be found in a couple of places. If you are new to this, take the time to read these blog posts, as you can see where my heart is:
How A Bracelet Changed My View of Card Making
Today Starts Mail It Monday

Sincerely Yours,

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