Friday, May 29, 2020

Vintage Lilacs and Shiplap - New Collection available at Society6

Happy spring my friends! Finally! The weather here has been so cold and rainy, but we have finally broken through and are enjoying sunshine, breezes, and flowers! My lilacs bloomed yesterday, so I picked a huge bouquet of them and brought them in the house for a little photo shoot. Because, that's what I love to do! After placing the lilacs on both a white shiplap background and a dark barn wood background, I was in love with the images! And you all were too, based on all the love I got on social media! So I decided to edit the photos up a bit and place them on new products in my Society6 shop!

I want you to be able to bring the reminder of spring and the sweet, fragrant scent of lilacs to your home!

The second look. I love the white shiplap background and then I added a watercolor effect. So dreamy! I am certain it is the romantic in me. Its probably from watching Anne of Green Gables waaaay to many times!

Back to the barn wood and a deeper watercolor effect. Again, so dreamy!

All three of these images are available on different products in my shop. Keep scrolling and take a look at just a few of the items! Oh, and right now, everything is 25% off!

To view the entire collection click here: Lilacs and Shiplap by Sincerely Yours, Kimberly

(If the images are not showing yet, simply click the description and the images will be available.)

Thank you for your continued support on my new adventures. I deeply appreciate you continuing to follow me. Your purchases speak even louder and fill my heart with joy! Thank you times a million, even a billion! How lucky am I to have such amazing friends!!!!

Sincerely Yours,

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Verna Angerhofer said...

Beautiful redoing of the original photo.

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