Friday, May 1, 2020

The Ultimate Inspiration Calendar for Card-Mailers - May 2020

This calendar is available for FREE download. Feel free to open the link and save, print, or share this calendar!

Each month for our Mail It Monday community at Instagram, I share this calendar as inspiration for your card-making and your card-mailing! Use this to inspire you to take out a forgotten set of stamps, use it to remind you of someone who could really use a smile, or use it to be an encouragement to send your cards!

The Mail it Monday community is exploding with new members each week! It is a wonderful place of joy and my heart is full these days as I see everyone stepping up and spreading love into the world. I am blown away by the number of cards being sent. Card-mailers you are making a difference in the world with your hobby! Wow! What an amazing thing to be able to say!

We would LOVE for your to join us. Click here to become a part of Mail It Monday!

Sincerely Yours,

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