Friday, June 15, 2018

10 ways to be creative with die cut words - video tutorial

That is a lot of love happening there! :D It has been fun coming up with all the creative ways that you can add decoration to basic die cut words. I filmed 10 different ways to share with you, but honestly, I threw in a ton more ideas while I was talking. When I get excited I do two things, one, I use a lot of exclamation points, and two, I talk. A lot. Bookmark and save this video tutorial, because I guarantee that you will want to revisit these ideas again and again!

For those who wish to watch this video in HD, or for those who are reading this via email or newsletter, please click to view the video. 10 Ways to be Creative with Die Cut Words.

If you are reading this via my blog, click the center of the image above.

Love the word die and With All My Heart stamp set will both be available tonight a at 10 PM EST.

Sincerely Yours,
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Garden Girl Digs in Dirt said...

I really enjoyed and look forward to using your suggestions.

stephanie clapper said...

Hi Kimberly! Gosh, your video got the creative juices flowing! And thank you especially, for the stamping tips.
:) Now I'll look at my word dies in a whole new light. Congratulations again on the new products! (PS. You've got a great sense of humor, LOVE it! )

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