Thursday, March 12, 2015

taming the tools of the trade; MFT Organization post

Today in our organization post we are talking about taming our tools. Let's face it friends, tools are everything when it comes to paper crafting! So basically, my whole space is all about the tools! Peek around at my photos. Feel free to email me with questions. And please, please forgive and over look any and all dust bunnies!

This chair is where I sit and work. This is my space. I have it set up so that I can work efficiently. I need my most-used tools close at hand for easy access. And my phone. Gotta have my phone :)

This is my most prized tool holder. It means the world to me. When we were first dating, and I mean very early on, I started my first teaching job. On my first day of school, my husband sent me flowers. They were in this mug. I have kept this treasure since then. This mug has been at every one of my crafty spaces, always holding my most-used tools. It makes me very, very happy.

In my mug:
Scissors, paper only scissors
Mini, detail scissors,
Extra scoring tools
X-Acto Knife
Paint brushes 

To my right hand side, as I sit at my chair, sits my mug. I also have a water misting bottle, a couple kinds of liquid glue, and all my adhesive runners. You can also see my Steel Snips for cutting apart sets of Die-namics. My Mini Inking Tools are now in a spinner rack. Which reminds me, I need more of those. Ha! My heat gun, my very first one from my mother-in-law. And finally my cute tape dispenser that holds low-tack tape, which I use for holding Die-namics in place while I pass them through my manual die cutting machine,

A little farther to my right is a plastic set of drawers. These are from Rubbermaid and I have had these forever. Read that as, I have no idea where I got them.

On top of the drawers, sits my pile of Post-It notes. In all sizes and colors. I love them. So much. My stamping blocks all sit there as well, along with an adhesive eraser and pencil erasers.

The basket on the left holds all my cardstock scraps and card bases. The one on the right holds all my stamped scraps. Its a treasure trove of left-overs.

The top drawer holds my other tools, such as wire snips, brad setters, scissors galore, and my Crop-O-Dile. I also keep adhesives in the drawer. Less used than the ones on my table, but still used frequently. Laugh at my Basic Grey distressing tool kit on the far left. Come on, fess up, who had that or still has it?!

Hopefully you got a few ideas for storage. I always say to use what you have on hand. I love to be organized, but I hate to spend tons of money on it. I want to buy more stamps and papers and inks and, and, and!

Head to the MFT Blog to see who else is sharing today. I am betting that Barbara and Cindy are as they always have some genuis idea! 

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Supplies, some of my favorite tools listed in this post:


Marlou McAlees said...

I would love to be this organised :) thanks for sharing Kimberly

Mandy LaCroix said...

Felt as if we were kindred spirits when u mentioned how u like to be organized but don't want to spend on that - you'd rather spend on goodies! I feel like I am the only one who doesn't but all the neat, fun organizational goodies! :)

Joan V said...

Ah, what a sweet story about your coffee mug. Thanks for sharing your space.

Vicki Dutcher said...

I love your clear drawer dresser -- it it nice to see what you have. Good for you keeping romance in your craft area ;)

Teresa Doyle said...

A great space. I NEED to have things organized. Love the story about the mug.

Becky said...

Great space, you are looking very organized :)

DoofyJEss2 said...

Thanks for sharing your tool organization!! Love that you used a sentimental mug to hold your most used tools. Sometimes, you get caught up in the trend that you forget something as simple as a household item can work great as an organizer!! There is not necessarily a need to spend the big bucks!! Thanks for reminding me of that!

Crestajune said...

Great work space, Kimberly! I love having all of my tools right around me when I craft. Thanks for the inspiration!
P.S.: I still have my Basic Grey distressing tools. :)

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