Sunday, June 23, 2013

festive 4th banner

festive 4th banner by Kimberly Crawford

Just wanted to share a little project I have been working on for our house. Now that I have this new chalkboard, I wanted to have little decorations to add to it for the different seasons and holidays. I thought this little banner would be so cute on it! (now I need to get a 4th of July sentiment on the chalkboard!!)

festive 4th banner cu1 by Kimberly Crawford

For the pennants, I die cut canvas with Spellbinders Nested Pennants. Then each pennant was painted with Martha Stewart Wild Blueberry craft paint. (love that stuff, it covers all surfaces)

To create the stars, I created a stencil. Using thick card stock, I die cut the same pennant shape I used on the canvas. Then I punched out stars. It fit perfectly each time and all the stars lined up exactly the way I wanted.

Holes were punched in each top corner with a CropODile and it was strung onto twine.

festive 4th banner cu2 by Kimberly Crawford

The lanterns are a cute dollar bin find at Michael’s (while filming in Denver, Susan Opel and I HAD to make a Michael’s run. LOL). Using Martha Stewart (Wedding White) craft paint again, I painted every other inset. Keep in mind, these don’t match up in the back because it is actually a spiral, but who will ever see the back? ;)

The lanterns are hung from the main piece of twine with twine tied into a bow. I like how easy it is to remove the pennants or lanterns, or to add or change the length of this banner for whatever space I choose to hang it. Simple and cute. That makes me happy.

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Mary Ann said...

Love it!Super cute!!!

Rox-Ann said...

What a cute idea! I love the banner and you make it sound easy would not have thought of adding stars that way. Great job!

Miranda said...


Glenda J said...

You are so talented! Great work!

Tenia Nelson said...

Just AWESOME, girl!!!

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