Thursday, May 23, 2013

embossing with wood veneers

embossing with wood veneers thank you by Kimberly Crawford
Its another idea for your wood veneers! Being a die cutting girl, the first idea that always pops into my head is, can I cut it, or can I emboss it?
embossing with wood veneers cu 3 by Kimberly Crawford
Turns out, you can emboss them! I placed them on my base plate, topped them with cardstock and then, with the cutting plate. It’s a bit tight, but it works. The wood veneers will be a bit squished, but still completely usable.

The small print: I attempted this with my Spellbinders Grand Calibur. I cannot vouch for other machines, nor for other brands of wood veneers. These butterflies are from Studio Calico.

embossing with wood veneers cu 2 by Kimberly Crawford
Using Distress inks as watercolor, I then brushed over the now-embossed cardstock.  The water did “loosen” up the embossing, making it less obvious.

embossing with wood veneers thank you cu by Kimberly Crawford

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Ava Gavloski said...

going into the lab and testing this technique out.......hummm
thanks for the deets and share on this adventure

Rox-Ann said...

Cool will have to try this. Such a pretty card!

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