Wednesday, May 22, 2013

coloring wood veneers

whats up wood veneers cu 3 by Kimberly Crawford
Wood veneers are so popular and versatile. I personally love using them and have amassed quite a collection of them! (noticing a trend, or maybe, an issue? I seem to collect a lot of supplies…)

whats up wood veneers cu by Kimberly Crawford
The veneers come unfinished allowing you to alter them as you choose. On this card, I chose an easy route, spray ink. However, I did not have the “right” shade of green for this card (based on the green patterned paper).

whats up wood veneers cu 1 by Kimberly Crawford
To solve that, I simply misted two colors, green and yellow, onto a craft mat.

whats up wood veneers cu 2 by Kimberly Crawford
By simply placing the wood veneer into the pile of ink, I was able to get the color I desired. Its very inky/messy this way, so I picked up the wood veneer and placed it into a paper towel to remove the excess ink.

whats up wood veneers by Kimberly Crawford

Ways to color wood veneers:
  • Spray inks
  • Ink pad-apply directly to the wood surface
  • Color with watercolor markers
  • Color with Copic markers or airbrush
  • Paint

Stay tuned for more ideas for your wood veneers! thanks for stopping by!



Rox-Ann said...

Super cute love this and will try!

designermc said...

Looks like we may have been shopping the same place! I got some of the same stuff the other day. Have a good one,Nancy

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