Monday, May 20, 2013

a winner and what’s coming up

Congrats to the winner of the May/June issue of Paper Crafts Magazine…

sharon g said...

Hmmmm, maybe a cereal box as chipboard.

May 17, 2013 at 12:37 PM

Email me at the address underneath my photo to the right and I will get your copy out to you soon!

May 5 025

The planters in the front of the house.

may 15 028

Helping me with his Tonka truck. Funny how much use we still get out of it! Cannot imagine if we would have given him all that dirt when he was three! :)

may 15 064

Mother’s Day

Ok, so its been pretty quiet around here…my new gig as a Go To Gal has me pretty busy (which is totally awesome!!), along with end of the school year things, and getting the yard ready for summer, and let’s face it, that warm sunshine and breeze are calling me outside. This summer is going to be such a treat after the horror of last summer! I guess I am just a wee bit over zealous about grabbing every moment now. :)

BUT, that being said, I do have some fun things coming up. It came about from a couple of happenings. One, you all loved the tutorials about all the different ways to use your watercolor markers. Big thanks! And I got quite a few emails about how much it helped you use items from your stash of supplies. Second, I have a few un-loved projects from a Paper Crafts call, which I think are cool and show ways to use your supplies…sooooo, over the next couple of weeks, I will be sharing some ideas about using your stash! The plan is to share about wood veneers, stencils, journaling cards, and whatever else comes across my path. :) Hope that sounds like a good plan!

thanks for stopping by!


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Rox-Ann said...

Love the photos can't believe he is still using the Big Truck!

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