Saturday, November 3, 2012


Photos on Saturday? Oh well, it works. :)

Today’s gratitude is for this handsome little man. I guess we are getting to the point that using “little” to describe him isn’t going to work anymore, seeing as he is 51.5” tall already… But I am so very grateful that God gave us him to treasure. He is beyond precious. Kind, gentle, thoughtful, intelligent, funny, and sweet. How many 6 year olds check on you to make sure your weekly injection went ok? I truly cannot wait to see the path that God has set before him, to see what he will become and  how he will use his talents and gifts. I love you, my E man!

E Halloween 2012 filters FB

Halloween 2012. He was so proud of his pumpkins! And I will have to share more photos later of them once we put the dry ice inside!

oct 26 087

Playing in the leaves on the last 80 degree day of the year. We enjoyed a gorgeous afternoon at the park last week. It was like old times when we was home with me during the days. Of course we had to have an epic leaf battle.

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craftymom205 said...

I am grateful that I have a job to provide for my family.

craftymom205 at yahoo dot com

lisa808 said...

Your son is adorable!

Diane said...

What a cutie!!! I am grateful I am safe and secure...have a nice weekend!!

Brenda said...

Oh Kimberly...he is so handsome and I can tell he's a super child just from your gorgeous photos. Bless his heart for checking to make sure that things are going well with your medical treatments. I am so grateful for my loving husband and son...they help make everyday a joy.

Judy I, St. Louis MO said...

What a cutie. He is getting so big. I have enjoyed watching him grow. Today I am grateful that it's Saturday and I have a chance do some much needed housecleaning. Not a chore I enjoy, but I do enjoy the end result.

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