Friday, November 2, 2012

crafty space

Office view 8 mug

Ever been curious about my crafty space? Well, if not, even if you are only looking for some organization ideas, stop on over to the CardMaker Magazine blog today and take a look. :)

thanks for stopping by!


Month of Gratitude:
Today I am grateful for the little man's school. Not only does he have a fabulous teacher, but his principal and the rest of the staff are amazing as well. The one thing you wish for your child when they head to school is that they will embrace the uniqueness that is your child. His school has. They love him. They think he is wonderful just the way he is. They encourage him and mold him with gentleness when he needs to learn a lesson. He feels safe to spread his wings out and be strong in who he is. Its such a blessing. Such an answer to many prayers! Thank you Indian Creek!


Diane said...

I am grateful for all my grandchildren...every single one of them...darling little monsters that they can sometimes be...I am still very gratful for them!!

Judy I, St. Louis MO said...

I enjoyed the tour of your craft room, and I got a few ideas - I'm always grateful for ideas. Today I'm also grateful that it's another sunny day, though colder and that we weren't hit with the after effects of Hurricane Sandy.

Ivanka said...

Hi Kimberly,
I so enjoyed having a peek at your creative space and got some ideas, thank you. I have also had a wonderful meander through your blog. You make such beautiful cards and have a faboulous blog! You've acheived the perfect balance of sharing your art and a bit about your life. That is one thing I struggle with. Thanks for the inspiration to try a little harder. Have a great weekend.

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