Thursday, August 3, 2017

creating a watercolored marble background video tutorial

Its time to kick off a little video series using that uber cool marble stamp image in the Modern + Marbled Kit! I wanted to show you a ton of ways to create beautiful marbled backgrounds using various inks, powders, and more! Stay tuned because over the next several days, I will be sharing my favorite ways to create backgrounds. This is SO much better than the old-school shaving cream technique! Its a stamp!

My marble stamp image was inspired by Japanese paint floating called, suminagashi. The colors ebb and flow, mixing and meeting, always creating a new combination. By using watercolors directly on the marble stamp image, the combinations are endless. Each impression with the stamp is unique.

Look at how beautiful the marbling is with watercolor! To see how to create this stunning background, watch the following video, click the arrow:

To watch the video in HD, please click here: Creating a Watercolored Marble Background

In the video, I also show how to create the ombre die-cut sentiment with the same watercolors, along with the stamped sentiment.

I hope you enjoy the first technique as much as I do! To find any of the supplies, simply click the images below to be taken directly to the items in an online store. 

Sincerely Yours,


Susan said...

you didn't tell us what that stamp was you used, obviously we would need that stamp to do this background.

Kimberly Crawford said...

Susan, the stamp used is from the kit, Modern + Marbled. Listed in the supplies at the bottom.

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