Friday, June 24, 2016

3 background techniques

I recently had the honor of teaching at the MFT Stamps 2016 Retreat. Not only did I get to spend almost a week at the MFT Stamps Headquarters in central Florida, but I also got to teach a class and meet 30 wonderful card makers! MFT Stamps brick and mortar store is just as beautiful as you would expect and if you ever get the chance, its worth the trip. Such a sweet town and beautiful neighborhood. The trip was an absolute blast and I am so grateful to MFT Stamps for the opportunity. I thought I would quickly share the three projects that I taught. Each card focused on a fun background-making technique.

The first card features marbling. The look of marbling is classy and has started to become a bit of a trend. I went old-school, bringing out the shaving cream and re-inkers trick.

Start by spraying basic white shaving cream onto a work surface. Drop small amounts of 3-4 reinker colors into the shaving cream. Spread the color around in a pattern using a toothpick. I like to use a left to right, top to bottom, corner to corner, corner to corner pattern. Then you place your paper into the shaving cream, pushing down so the entire surface gets covered. Do not bury it, however. Scrape the excess shaving cream off the paper after lifting it out and you have a unique background. You can usually get 2 or 3 backgrounds from one batch.

This card uses the smooshing technique. I applied various colors of ink to an acrylic block, spritzed it with water, and then applied it to my watercolor paper. I moved the block to spread the color around. Once it dried, I placed a stencil over the top and removed the ink color in places by pressing a baby wipe through the openings. Its a fine-line as you want to get moisture through, but not cause spreading. Hold the baby wipe gently over the openings for a second or two and continue over the whole stencil surface. 

The last card is the most fun. This one will require a video tutorial, which I promise will happen very soon. Its a two-tone watercoloring technique. Inside the new MFT Stamps Water Brushes (they are fab!) I dropped small pieces of Peerless Watercolor, creating a colored water. Then, picking up another color with the brush trip, I got this custom blend of colors. Doesn't it look amazing on the leaves?! Stay tuned because I have more ideas for this one!

We have been going non-stop since school got out. Its been insane around here, but I am happy because my son is enjoying so many activities! We visited my parents after school got out. Then its been tons of swim meets. We are off this weekend to the Olympic Swim Trials in Omaha, NE! The little man cannot wait to watch all his swimming heroes in action, including one of his teammates who qualified for the trials! She will be swimming the 100 Fly on Sunday and we cannot wait to cheer her on, loudly! :D 

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