Thursday, February 11, 2016

organization: card stock, patterned paper, stencils

Second favorite supply behind stamps? Paper! Especially all this beautiful card stock! Look at the gorgeous colors! I store my 8 1/2 x 11" card stock in wooden magazine holders from IKEA. The sturdy structure of these holders keeps the paper flat and without bent corners. Yay! And it looks pretty all sorted like this!

On the right, I keep all the other papers. Watercolor paper, acetate, the glitter and foiled card stocks, and other specialty papers. Again, these papers are all within easy reach.

The patterned paper pads that MFT Stamps has been releasing each month have been fantastic! I love them so much! During the back to school shopping times, I found a couple of these mini storage crates. They perfectly hold the 6x6 pads. I try and keep them less than full, to allow me to flip through the papers more easily. When I have scraps left of the patterned papers, I place them in the back of the paper pad.

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Kris B said...

Thanks for the paper storing tips! My paper is a mess right now, especially the scraps! May need to take a trip to the dollar store to find some small storage bins!

Corilyn Noreen said...

Love those magazine holders. :)

cjknick said...

Great space! I just watched your periscope replay and am wondering about your tables that you use for your work surface and others around your room. I couldn't tell from the video. Thanks!

Kimberly Crawford said...

They are tables from Sam's Club. Both very old. I have had them for 12+ years. :D
And thanks for the complement! And for joining my Scope! Have a super day!

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