Friday, August 14, 2015

color temperatures; MFT Stamps Summer School Session Three

The final session of MFT Stamps Summer School wraps up today! Its been quite the summer of learning from the designers at MFT Stamps. I know I have learned so much and been so inspired by everyone! What a valuable resource! If you have missed any of the three sessions, be sure to check out the Education Series section under Resources at the MFT Stamps Blog.

The final lesson today is about Color Temperatures. Color temperatures are the color hues and the mood or feeling they create. There are three color temperatures; warm, cool, neutral.

Head to the MFT Stamps Blog and watch a video tutorial about each of these Color Temperatures, including the mood and feelings they each create. Color plays a huge roll in the feelings your project expresses, so don't miss this lesson! Several members of the team will be playing along and I cannot wait to see what they create! 

thanks for stopping by!


Celebrate Warm card:

Celebrate Cool card:

Celebrate Neutral card:


Greta said...

Loved your video & cards, Kimberly--thank you!

Teresa Doyle said...

Terrific info. TFS!

Geri said...

Such a pretty design, Kimberly, and I love seeing the differences in the colors!

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