Monday, November 24, 2014

the Go-To-Gals say a fond farewell

This may be my 17th, or maybe 18th, attempt at writing this post. I have so much to say and words are failing me now. This won't be eloquent, but rambling, because of all the feelings I have surrounding the news from last week. As of the February 2015 issue, Paper Crafts & Scrapbooking Magazine will no longer exist. I am brokenhearted for so many reasons. First, it is so sad to lose such a wonderful publication. Second, my friends, the editors, are all losing their jobs. And finally, us Go-To-Gals are losing our gig as well.

I remember picking up my first copy of Paper Crafts Magazine at my local stamping store, the very first issue, in fact. It was like a light shone from heaven and the angels started singing. THIS was what I was looking for. THESE were the projects and cards that I wanted to create. This magazine got ME! Every issue was scoured front to back, back to front, and sideways. I read every inch. Noted every product. Marked each issue. Each issue was more inspiring than the last! I remember secretly dreaming, even before I had ever submitted a project, of somehow becoming a Go-To-Gal, or a Pro, as they were called back then.

My first publications with Paper Crafts Magazine. Three cards in this special issue.

Fast forward to a girl following through on her dream of one day being a part of the magazine. I submitted for the very first time. Three cards. To the Stamp It 2009 special issue. All three cards were picked up! The excitement, the joy, the beginning. I continued to submit. Pub calls were right up my alley. They fed my creativity. 
Every magazine and book I have been published in from Paper Crafts & Scrapbooking Magazine.

After emailing and working with the editors, I finally had the chance to meet them in real life. In real life! They knew me. I talked to them! And they were amazing! Kind and supportive cheerleaders who soon enough would become friends. Jennifer, Kerri, Susan, PKelly, Holly, Stacy, and Cath. Women who amaze me with their creativity and business savvy. I have so much more to say to each of them, I just cannot put it into words yet.

And then I became a Go-To-Gal/Contributing Editor. A real, honest-to-goodness dream come true. I have been living out my dream. Who gets to do that? I am so fortunate. 

But what is even better? Being a part of this amazing group of women. Yes, they blow me away consistently with their creativity, but they are so much more than that. They are my friends. My personal go-to-gals. I hold them in the highest esteem. They are so dear to my heart. And that is the best thing that came out of this adventure I have been given the privilege of---friends. 

Each of us is sharing today, in our own way, but that's the coolest part of our team of Go-To-Gals, we all bring something unique:
Laura Williams
Laina Lamb (she's on a family vacation)

So thank YOU fellow Paper Crafts & Scrapbooking Magazine friends! Thank you for all the fun and support! and thanks for always stopping by!


P.S. I am still sorting this all out. Creating a project, well, my heart hasn't been in it the last few days. I will be back soon with a project or two, and much more to share and say in another post.

Subscriber information:
Unfortunately, Paper Crafts & Scrapbooking will cease publication with the February 2015 issue. The remaining issues of your paid digital subscription will be fulfilled with the digital edition of Cloth Paper Scissors, a sister publication of Paper Crafts & Scrapbooking!  CPS is the leading mixed media publication, full of inspiration for both the beginning and seasoned artist! 
If you are already a subscriber to Cloth Paper Scissors, the balance of your Paper Crafts and Scrapbooking subscription will be added to your existing CPS subscription.  And of course, you will still have access to all your issues of Paper Crafts & Scrapbooking.
We think you’ll enjoy receiving CPS. 

Cancel option – If customers want to cancel, please refer them to Paper Crafts & Scrapbooking customer service toll free at 1-800-727-2387 where they will cancel and refund remaining issues on subscription.


Jennifer K said...

sniff, sniff :( I'm so sad about this publication closing and losing something so tangible for the hobby we love. (((hugs)))

Jill said...

Great post--it's just so darn sad overall. All of it. But I'm so happy to hear you celebrating the dream you lived! That is a SUPER fun great great thing! :)

Laura Williams said...

YOU are MY personal go-to gal (proven by my texts, messages, questions, and freak-outs.) I'm so thankful for you!!!! I'm pretty confident my texts, messages, questions and freak-outs will still be heading your way. So don't go anywhere. :)

lisa808 said...

So sad. You wrote a wonderful post.

Rox-Ann said...

So sad hugs!

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