Thursday, October 23, 2014

ribbon and button storage; an MFT Organization post

This is so exciting! The MFT Design Team has a new monthly post to share with you! Its all about organizing all those awesome supplies we have for paper crafting! This month we are talking about ribbon and buttons.

My ribbon and button storage jars are probably my "cutest" storage solution in my office. I use large candy jars to store my ribbons.  I picked them up in several places, the local kitchen supply store, online, and at 
Wal Mart of all places. 

To keep track of the color names of my ribbons, I use the sticker from the packaging on the end of my ribbon. Other small stickers, like price tag stickers, would work perfectly for your other ribbons.

My ribbon jars sit on a book shelf in my office. I have three large bookshelves side by side. What I really like about the candy jars is the ability to see at a glance all the ribbons I have. A huge thanks to my mom who sorted them all by color family. I am glad she gets it. :)

The smaller jars for the buttons are from IKEA. They are called spice jars and come in a pack of four. They live in a drawer that is just to the left of where I sit. (all my most used supplies surround me for easy access) The drawers are stacking plastic drawers made by Sterlite. 

This post was fun! I look forward to sharing more of my space and ideas with you! I hope you are inspired to try some new ways to organize your ribbons and buttons. Head to the MFT Blog to get linked up to all the design team members sharing their organizational genius with you! I can't wait to check out how everyone else stores their products!

thanks for stopping by!



Kim A. said...

I love keeping your supplies by color, so pretty!!

Becca Cruger said...

I am jealous of your collection! Thanks for sharing!

Shemaine Smith said...

Ahhh....all that color! Love your storage ideas!

Becky said...

Awesome collection of buttons.

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