Thursday, December 5, 2013

Paper Crafts & Scrapbooking news and pubs

Time to get you all caught up on all the fabulousness that Paper Crafts (and Paper Crafts & Scrapbooking) Magazine has been putting on the newsstands and in the digital world! So many wonderful issues!!

Let's start with Stamp It! Card Challenges. This is an issue I am incredibly proud of! Its what happens when you put a group of 6 crafty minds together, late in a hotel with awesome cheesecake! At Ed Board the Go-To-Gals came up with all the challenges in this issue. We had more fun coming up with a list of ideas that would inspire stampers to get creative with their stamps and supplies. I am inspired. Really. You can purchase this issue at a store, download a digital copy, OR chose the auto ship method. Use the link above to chose the method best for you.

NEW Auto-Ship Method:
This is fantastic. Especially for all of you who don't have the ability to purchase the special issues that come out. (which will be once a month in 2014) You can now sign up for Auto-Ship. Yep, sign up and the special issues will be shipped to your house!! Once a month magazine loveliness!! Read all about it HERE.

you are wonderful gold embossing

My favorite card from several in the Stamp It Card Challenges issue. The challenge was to use gold embossing powder. I love the look of the gold on the pastel colors, but also placing it over the designs on the patterned paper.

Next special issue, Card Creations for Him. All about making cards for the men in your life. All ages, all interests, all styles. This issue is also impressive. I honestly wasn't sure how it would turn it, but it blew me away. The creativity, the excellent designs, well-executed projects. While the cards are all for guys, there are some amazing techniques that I will be adding to my arsenal of tricks.  

birthday boy

One of my favorites from this issue. I had my son in mind when creating all the cards in the issue and he thought this one was "pretty cool." What more approval do you need? :)

And now for the excitement and the big change...Paper Crafts & Scrapbooking, the January issue. This issue is ridiculously thrilling for me because it is my first official issue as a Go-To-Gal!!! We worked so hard on this issue and its our first Dear Go-To-Gal article and projects! Unbelievable and a dream come true. But the big change, because this issue is completely digital. To access it, you will need to subscribe and use your computer or laptop or tablet or smart phone. The change isn't easy. Its hard to lose the old format. BUT, this issue is SO COOL!! There are so many neat features that you could never have with a paper copy. You can read about the issue HERE. I encourage you to give it a try. If you subscribe now, you will also get a free digital copy of Creative Spaces. Its $9.99 for the year. Its back to an issue a month!! Come on, give it a whirl. I know you will love it! Click the photo below to subscribe.

I have a pile of projects waiting to be finished, some great stuff for Christmas gifts, decor, and a guest blog post over at Moxie Fab World! Stay tuned!

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P.S. Its the little man's first swim meet this weekend! He is excited and nervous, just like his mom and dad! Another era of life has begun! What a remarkable thing to have the privilege of watching your child grow up and find what makes them tick! He is our fish. He is happy in the pool. I will have to share a story with you some day...I never would have dreamed we would end up here! :)

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Laura Williams said...

Ummmm, hi. I think I'd like to copy this blog post and put it on MY blog. hahahahaha! I have been meaning to sit down and do a post like this, to catch up on all the new issues. . . .but i haven't done it yet! You SO rock! :) xoxo

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