Tuesday, December 3, 2013

photo overload

Howdy strangers! Its been awhile! Life sometimes has a way of keeping us busy and keeping us from blogging! Things have been wonderfully hectic around here. We have much to be thankful for! We spent a fabulous week at Walt Disney World and then returned to my family arriving for a stay to celebrate Thanksgiving. So much fun and food lately! I thought it would be fun to share some of my photos with you and the projects will start again soon. Projects that I can actually share with you!

Port Orleans French Quarter.jpg
I took all these photos with my iPhone (4S). I found its much easier to carry around and less to worry about. And I took an obnoxious ton of pictures with my "real" camera on our first trip! :) And other than size, they are unedited.

We stayed at Port Orleans French Quarter again. Love the charm and size of this resort. The boats run to Downtown Disney, making it a fun trip!

Friday night before we left, our son came home sick with a 102.9 fever. We immediately took him to the doctor and got medications. And prescriptions to take with, just in case. Thank goodness for our wonderful doctor and a pharmacy that delivers to your resort at Disney! He missed a couple of days in the park, but we took him out the second night for this...

Osborne Lights street view.jpg

...The Osborne Family Spectacle of Lights at Hollywood Studios. Photos will never, ever do this light display justice. You must stand on the street and experience it. The lights are constant, but every 5 minutes or so special music begins and the lights dance right along.

Osborn Lights side street view.jpg

There are so many lights. Its almost too beautiful to handle.

Osborne Lights Tree and snow.jpg

The Christmas tree at the center. See the Mickey towards the top? Its slightly hidden. All through the light display are hidden Mickeys. Perfect for little boys. :) I was so glad to have the little man feeling better by this point! This is not to be missed!

And I don't have a good photo, but we bought Glow With the Show ears. Its the traditional ears on a hat, with a twist. The ears light up and interact with the show!! They interacted with the events at Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party too! I highly recommend a pair of them if you go!

Haunted Mansion.jpg

Finally feeling better and ready to have fun!

Splash Mountain.jpg

I love that I was able to catch them coming down Splash Mountain! The looks on their faces are priceless!

Gingerbread house.jpg

At the Grand Floridian resort is a massive Gingerbread House. Its beautiful and impressive. The smell is mouthwatering. The chimney works and there is a small store inside where you can purchase chocolate-covered roof shingles. Look at those stats on the left! Wow!


The Safari at Animal Kingdom is one of my absolute favorite rides. Get up and go early and arrive at the park as it opens. Head straight for the Safari. Look at how close you can get to the animals. 


None of these photos have been zoomed in! God made wondrous creatures on our planet!


Who knew a giraffe was wrinkly? There are also warthogs, lions, ostrich, crocodiles, hippps, rhinos and so much more. Be sure and sit on the edge and not in the middle if you want  great photos.

Yak and Yeti.jpg

Fabulous food was a constant, but this dinner topped them all for presentation! It was at Yak and Yeti at Animal Kingdom. It was almost too pretty to eat. Almost.

Castle 1

One of a thousand castle photos. I couldn't stop taking photos of its changing lights and hanging icicles for Christmas.

Electric Lights Parade 2

The Electric Lights Parade at Magic Kingdom. What a view.

Mickey Very Merry Christmas Party Fireworks.jpg

The fireworks exclusive to Mickey's Very Merry Christmas party. The party is an evening affair that you need tickets to attend. Hot chocolate and cookies are served, special characters and souvenirs are available, and there is a special parade. The party is the right way to kick off your holiday season! So much magic. Who could imagine it could be any more magical than normal? 

French bakery Epcot.jpg

And our last day was Epcot. This is a look at some of the treats in the French Bakery. Yummy. 


Good night and good-bye Disney World!


And then it was Thanksgiving. My mom, dad, sister, and nephew came down. We had a wonderful time together. And I got to shop with my mom and sister! I miss shopping with them since we moved here. This is my son and my new-walker nephew. Could anything be more precious?

Today I am thankful for the adventures and moments in life. For living life. For seeing the beauty that is all around us. For being blessed beyond belief. For being too busy living life and savoring every moment.

thanks for stopping by!


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