Saturday, February 23, 2013

Project Life Lesson One

Project Life. The first melt down:

Photos. Editing them and making them fit into those pockets. Nothing fit! All the photos were going the wrong way for the pockets I wanted to use! And I didn’t have time to edit them into the correct size!! This was turning into way more work than I wanted!! What have I done?!?! It continued into a worse spiral. Not a great way to keep memories. :)

It all started when I wanted to get our Disney World trip photos into the album. They are getting their own space because it was a big trip and an important part of our year. It might not follow the rest of the arrangement of the album, but its my album, so in it goes. :)

I used my iPhone to take all our photos on the trip. Having been there the year before and knowing what it was like to lug my big Canon around, I decided it wasn’t worth it. When I took all my photos that way, turns out they are all oriented in the portrait format. (Cause in the moment, who thinks to turn their camera?)  They weren’t going to work in any of my photo pages. And I had 300+ photos to think about. You can see the problem.

 12x12 Ring (6-6x4 Photo Sleeves)

Then I found these. Quite by accident at Michael's. The answer to my problem. Pages with all portrait orientated pockets and all 4x6!!!! Thank you WR Memory Keepers!

Now my pages were going to be easy. I simply printed the top memory photos of  each day without a worry. There will be 7 pages when I am done. With space for making journaling cards to write about each day.

Lesson One: Use the pages that work for your photos. When you have the time, or the inclination, then edit to make things fit. :)

Kimberly Crawford project life Disney 1

Kimberly Crawford project life Disney 2

Here is a look at page one. The journaling card was stamped with a background stamp. Washi tape was added for color. The Mickey Mouse ears I made for my Silhouette. My creativity and fun. And no stress.

Kimberly Crawford project life Disney 3

Oh, and how did I keep all the memories of each day? I wrote them down in my phone, sometimes as we stopped for a break, or when we were on the bus back to the hotel. I have been using my phone for the everyday happenings too. Its always with me. :)

Simple, easy, and I am happy. Not a work of art. Not cover worthy, but the little man sure thinks its great. And so do I.

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Libby Hickson said...

Very cute! And I used some of that size in the book I just made of our Disneyland trip a few years ago, too. :-)

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