Monday, November 19, 2012


02 12 KC SB fireworks

This is an old layout from my time on the design team at Spellbinders. You can see it and all the details in the gallery. It’s a great resource for ideas! Click HERE.

IMG_3652 v2

A closer look a the photo, I think this one is slightly different, but you get the idea. :) We spent the evening watching the Magic Kingdom fireworks from the Tower Terrace restaurant. They had an amazing dessert buffet (chocolate covered strawberries the size of your head!). The view was unreal and we didn’t have to fight the crowds either.

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And SO sorry! Things got busy around here, so I haven’t been posting. I am sure your inbox is thanking me. Feel free to leave several comments on this post, if you are entering the drawing.

November 15 For the Crock Pot. I pick this one every year, but its true. We wouldn’t eat dinner on certain nights of the week without it!

November 16 For coupons. Maybe they allow me to justify purchases, but if I was going to buy them anyway…its nice to get a good deal. :)

November 17 For good customer service. I spent Friday afternoon sitting in my car, with my cat, away from the house, because we had a very strong natural gas odor in the house. Scary. Turns out it was nothing, just something that happened. But they were understanding and helpful and arrived right away. At least the cat had fun. :)

November 18 For the little man growing up. He is getting interested in so many things now, and he shares them with us. He has started asking for certain clothing items, certain books, to eat certain foods. To see him become a person, his own person, with his own ideas, is truly amazing. And we like him and who he is becoming. We are very proud. And will continue to be on our knees praying for all the parenting that lies ahead. I imagine it won’t be too long and I will regret these words and his free will. :)

November 19, Today For Frayed Burlap Distress Ink from Ranger. Somehow it makes any patterned papers work together and look good together, thus saving many a project on my desk. :)


craftymom205 said...

I am grateful that craft stores have coupons and allows me to buy things I want at a discount.

craftymom205 at yahoo dot com

craftymom205 said...

Grateful to be able to celebrate with family this holiday season.

craftymom205 at yahoo dot com

craftymom205 said...

Grateful for another day to create.

craftymom205 at yahoo dot com

Jennifer K said...

Sorry about the gas odor but glad one of my coworkers provided you with good customer service! :) Do you remember who it was or what he looked like? I'll pass it along to him.

Judy I, St. Louis MO said...

I am grateful to have a new local stamp store since my local favorite closed this summer. It's not quite as convenient, but they do have a wonderful selection and are helpful and willing to order special items.

I'm also grateful for my husband, who's not only willing to go to the stamp store with me, he finds things he's sure I need (sometimes they're things I already have or don't really want or need, but at least he's interested enough to help.

Oh, and I'm grateful for the crockpot too. Especially in winter.

Diane said...

Grateful today that my DR told me no more surgery on my hand...time to make a decision if I can live with it or more, never again!! I choose to live with it...

Diane said...

Gas leak/smell had to be scarey...I am grateful "for you" that everything turned out okay!!

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