Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Gratitude Day 23: Another lame one, but take and bake pizza is a wonderful invention. :)

Gratitude Day 24: Today I am grateful for my little family. We are safe and at home. Happily cooking and hanging out. We are missing our families, but we are looking forward to making some of our own traditions.

0909 KC alt Piece of Pie with Tag

Here is a little project I made for Spellbinders last year. I took a triangle shaped wooden box and turned it into a piece of pie. :)

0909 KC alt Piece of Pie

I used the Classic Paisley die templates to make the vent holes in the top of the piece of pie. The little tag, made from Cotton Scraps from Crafty Secrets was a perfect topper.

I hope that you are enjoying your Thanksgiving! Blessings to you and yours!

What are you grateful for today? thanks for stopping by!


craftymom205 said...

I am grateful for my mother-in-law as she is doing the cooking today.

Angela Fehr said...

I'm actually thankful that we Canadians celebrated Thanksgiving in October and I can save my energies for Christmas now!

whitneymaryann said...

Looking forward with gratitude to sharing the day (and the cooking) with my daughter's family and a wonderful 'we consider her family' friend. All of us know how truly rich with blessings our lives are.

Liz said...

Oh, your little slice of pie is cute! Thanks for sharing. Today and yesterday I am grateful for the rain. It was cold yesterday but mild temps today. Also, very grateful for family and feast today.

gale.sewell said...

cute piece of pie. I am thankful for beautiful weather without snow (Smile).

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