Tuesday, March 31, 2020

The Ultimate Inspiration Calendar for Card-Mailers - April 2020

The Ultimate Inspiration Calendar for Card Mailers April 2020 edition is now available for FREE download! This calendar is a part of our card-mailing community at Mail It Monday. Mail It Monday is located on Instagram and is a growing group of people all encouraging one another to send cards. While most people make their cards, sending any type of card is amazing! We are working on spreading love into a world that needs more light! Mail It Monday also tracks card drives and organizations that send cards out. So its a happy place full of resources!

This calendar started last year. It is a resource that is meant to bring ideas and inspiration to you! The days on this calendar are fun, serious, and well, some days plain old ridiculous! Use this calendar to inspire you to take out an old stamp set you forgot about. Maybe the day will remind you of someone special in your life. The day might even spark an idea to send a card to someone you never thought about needing a card before! So many possibilities! I have used it also for social media post ideas and fun dinners or desserts at our house!

Click above and feel free to download and print, or just save digitally. You are also free to share this calendar, but PLEASE link to the source! Thank you! 

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