Monday, December 31, 2018

The Ultimate Inspiration Calendar for Card-Mailers 2019- Mail It Monday

The Ultimate Inspiration Calendar for Card-Mailers is here! Whew! That's kind of a lot to say, but I truly hope that this calendar inspires you to not only create cards, but also to send them! This project has been quite a long time in the making, and I know that my fellow 
card-mailers will love it! 

One of the topics often discussed in our community over at Mail It Monday on Instagram, is that people are looking for more reasons to send cards, and for more people to send cards to. The Ultimate Inspiration Calendar for Card-Mailers will bring plenty of ideas your way, all year long!

By clicking the link above, you will be taken to a PDF file that you can download and print. The first link is to the cover page. Then, each month, I will be releasing another calendar. The calendar will be full of special days of the month, along with special weeks. Some might be silly, some serious, but all there to inspire your card-making and then card-mailing fun!

Click here: JANUARY for the downloadable PDF. Feel free to print it out. Also, feel free to share it with others!

In January there is Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, Pharmacist's Day, Cuddle Day, and so many more. Let these days help you discover people to whom you can mail cards. Or use the days to inspire you to create cards for another time. Or just use the days to make yourself laugh and bring a smile to your own day!

If you are new to Mail It Monday, first of all, welcome! Mail It Monday began with my need to remember to mail the cards I was making. Each Monday, using the hashtag #MailItMonday, we all encourage one another to send love, send cards. Join in our growing community by following along on Instagram. There is no charge, no fees, no commitment. Find other card-mailers like yourself to connect with. We share cards, card tips, products, card drives, and a ton of encouragement. People have connected, begun friendships, and even started card exchanges. I would LOVE to see you join in!

Sincerely Yours,


creatingincolors said...

Wow, Kimberly, this is brilliant! I'm all into it and have already downloaded January to put to use. I can't thank you enough for making this available. It's very generous of you!

Marcie Sharp said...

I love this! What a fantastic idea and I know it will inspire me to mail more cards out.

Mommyeyedr said...

What an awesome idea!

Cynthia said...

I am trying to put together a 2019 crafting calendar and this is so helpful.

Kreative Kymona said...

Awesome Kimberly!! I linked your page to my post.

papercraftingprincess said...

Kimberly I am in LOVE with this idea. As soon as I stumbled across your instagram account I knew that we were like minded in supporting the USPS postage stamp program (where else would I have learned about scratch & sniff postage).

I have shared the link to your calendar on my blog and hope that I can direct a few of my readers to your corner of the world!

Thanks for sharing!

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