Monday, September 18, 2017

Mail It Monday

I have an confession. It is embarrassing. I don't mail the cards I make. I have every intention of mailing them, but life always gets in the way. Its not a good excuse. But I still use it. Please tell me that I am not the only person who does this!

Its time to change that. Now. Time to start new habits. Time to start sharing love and kindness with friends and family. Handmade, straight-from-my-heart, love.

Today is the start of that change. Today I am starting Mail It Monday. Monday will become the day we remember to send cards. Even one card. A post card. Not a bill, that is just sad. :D

Every Monday I will be sharing the reminder to mail your cards. I also have a TON of inspiration and encouragement in the weeks ahead! I have guests joining me with great ideas and products. There will be organizational tips, mailing advice, and so, so much more! Of course there will be prizes, cannot forget about those!

This is FREE. Totally free. I want to share with you. Learn together. Become better at intentional card mailing! Does this sound like something you need? Then join in. All you have to do is play along. On Mondays, use the hashtag #MailItMonday when you post on social media. Post a card you are sending. Post a card you received. Post a photo of your mailbox! :D

 Growing a community of card-MAILERS, not just card-MAKERS. 
That is the goal. Encourage one another. Send love to one another. Mail those cards! 

Sincerely Yours,

P.S. Much of this will happen on Instagram. I love hanging out there. So, pop on over and follow me. You can find me @kimberlystamps. But don't worry, I will have posts here too. :D


Jennifer K said...

Guilty as charged. I, too, need to get better at MAILING the cards I make.

Nicole B said...

Awesome! I'm very much looking forward to these posts!

Michele K. Henderson said...

I absolutely LOVE this idea! I think it's a good one! I personally would love to see a push for good old fashioned snail mail ideas that will brighten somebody's day. I bet we all have a neighbor, an old friend, anyone, who would love to receive something special in the mail. For example, my grandmother was 100 years old and spent the last few months of her life in a nursing home. Now that she's gone, my Dad still goes to the nursing home on a regular basis to visit her former roommate and bring her small gifts. It really opened my eyes to how important maintaining relationships and connecting with people beyond social media really is. Happy Snail Mail is a wonderful way to share joy, make a connection, be a better person! If only we could take the time to do something so "old-fashioned" in this modern world, right? So, I am THRILLED to learn about this on this warm sunny September morning. I would love to share and see ideas on how to make snail mail that is beautiful and easy to send. I would love to learn more ideas about who would love to receive happy mail, and beautiful card ideas too! I would also like to be a guest on your blog too some time, if you'd be interested. You are welcome to create something on my blog as well to share this great idea!
Best of luck with this new venture!
Michele K. Henderson
Crimson Owl Creations

Mary Gunn FUNN said...

I have quite a collection, but have been using my cards! People love getting a little U.S. post surprise!

Keep up the great effort!

Lucy E. said...

It will be a good idea to help you and others Mail their cards. I am proud to say that I have mailed or given as gifts every card I have made. And While I'm not as prolific at making them, I do want someone to enjoy them. I tell people they don't have to save them because I don't want them to feel guilty if they do toss them. I make them just as much for my enjoyment as theirs. I love the feeling of mailing a handmade card off to someone. It makes them feel special. I also have sent extra cards/envelopes to my last remaining aunt. She is getting out less and less and she appreciates handmade cards because she used to be into about every craft other than paper crafts. She made all of us several hand sewn items as well as pottery & ceramic pieces. Good luck with your new inspiration.

Pam T. said...

I love this idea! I don't have many other card maker friends and would love a way to meet card makers and exchange cards with them.

Lisa's Creative Niche said...

So excited to see ts through! I am so guilty of this and always want to change things, but then just never follow through... Thank you for setting this up!

Nora Noll said...

I am totally guilty of this myself. I even make bday cards and then forget to send them!! HORRIBLE!!! I would love this idea. Thank you for the inspiration.

Deborah Saaranen said...

FABulous idea! I also CREATE, BUT NOT MAKE an effort to send quite enough. Will be following and sending!

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