Monday, July 9, 2018

Mail It Monday: Making a Difference #lettersforhenry

Happy Mail It Monday! I hope that you are having a wonderful summer full of card-making and card-mailing! Or like me with a recent vacation, sending postcards! :D

Its time for highlighting a special cause in the world of card-mailing. This one involves cards, but with a twist, this one also has something to do with envelopes! Lydia Fiedler is sharing with us today this sweet movement called #lettersforhenry.
Hi everyone! In addition to being a passionate papercrafter,  I'm also a true crime addict, and if you click on the My Favorite Things tab at the top of my blog (on mobile - hit the menu option to see this), you can see a list of the podcasts I love. 

When I create, I actually find any visual or musical input very distracting, but for some reason, the spoken word is perfect - it allows me to focus on my work but still follow a story, so I always have a true crime podcast or an audio book playing in my studio when I'm making cards.

Probably my favorite podcast is The Vanished, and the host, Marissa, looks into missing person cases that haven't had a spotlight shined on them. She does a great job, and she does it with a lot of compassion and empathy, and respect for the victims of crime.

Recently - an episode really touched my heart. It was the story of Henry Groeneveld, a mail carrier for the US Postal service, who vanished before Christmas last year. Sadly, they later they found his body. He seemed like such a kind, sweet man - and his daughter said since he was 8 years old, he wanted to be a mailman and that he loved his job. As a kid, he'd make his parents stop at every post office in every town they traveled through. He was someone who had found his calling, and that's so rare and such a treasure. And the fact that his calling is something I love dearly just connected me to the story in a very personal way. I had really hoped for a different ending. It came out through The Vanished and other coverage that he had been being bullied at work, and that his love and passion for his dream job became a nightmare he couldn't bear. 

There's a discussion group for the podcast, and his story more than all the others really touched people and generated a lot of conversation. His daughter is in the group and she shared a request. Since Henry's passion lines up so much with mine - I couldn't help but ask you if you could do something kind for his family the next time you go to send a card to someone. She would love to see the photos on the hashtag below - Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.
It would honor my dad if you mailed a letter to somebody
 you love. It would be beautiful to see a picture of your 
letters posted with the hashtag #lettersforhenry

I ended up getting Bossy Joscie to make me a #lettersforHenry stamp and I stamp every envelope I mail (even bills) with this in Henry's memory. I have a Mini MISTI dedicated to that stamp, and whenever I open a new package of envelopes I stamp them all with this stamp and they are ready to go when I send a card. Now - there is a growing collection of beautiful happy mail photos on Instagram under that hashtag that makes me happy, and I know his daughters love seeing it as well.

Thank you, Lydia! What a simple way to show love to a family that is hurting each time you send a card!

If you would like to join in our community of card-mailers, please follow on Instagram @MailitMonday. We would love for you to participate in the encouragement and conversations about all things cards! If you don't have Instagram, you can still be a part of things, just remember to use Monday as a reminder to mail cards. :D

Sincerely Yours,


Stacy Petersen said...

I just love knowing that Lydia and I share the same podcasting addiction while we create cards. I'm off to download The Vanished and add it to my list. My favorites are Up and Vanished, True Crime All The Time, and Hollywood and Crime.

Lydia Fiedler said...

Stacy you are my people - those are some of my favorites as well!

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