Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Matchbook Folding Cards - Spellbinders May Small Kit of the Month

I have been playing with the Spellbinders Small Kit of the Month for May! Play time is always the best! This month's set of dies includes 4 dies that cut words away from your cardstock. It allows for some pretty cool and unique card designs! As I looked at these dies, I thought it would be fun to create a matchbook folding card, so the words would be the highlight of the card!

These bright and fun cards were easy to make, especially with how smoothly these Spellbinders dies cut! One pass, no problems, even with the tiny parts!

Click play above to get a super fast look at how the matchbook fold card opens.
For those looking at this via email click here: Matchbook Fold Card

Because of the folding, I used 12x12" card stock to create my bases. It gave me more room to cut the words. You could certainly do this with a standard A2 base, but your closure will be much smaller. The final dimensions of these cards are 4.25" x 5."

To begin with, cut your cardstock to 4.25" x 12." Then score the cardstock at 2" and 7."

If you only have a smaller score board, here is a short cut to get the scores in the correct location. Score your cardstock at 2", then fold that part over. Place the fold against the left edge of your score board. Then score at 5." (2+5=7) I am terribly proud of the math I used to make this happen. Its the little triumphs each day, my friends! :D

To cut the flaps, I placed the dies, making sure the words were facing the correct direction, on the flap. Using tape, I secured the die in place, so that it will not slide during the cutting process in the machine.
Place the die and paper on your cutting mat, making sure to leave the flap exposed, and not covered by the rest of the card. If that happens, you will cut through your base.

On the portion of the card under the die cut flap, I added some watercolor designs I made the other day. I am taking a watercolor course via a book, but that's a post for another day. :D Anyways, why not use the fun things in front of you?! :D

How cute are these cards? Best part is, these cards stay within the standard A2 size, allowing you to use basic envelopes.

Each word in the set of dies has a different font, I love that!

This will make someone smile when they receive it in the mail! Plus, there is a ton of room on the inside for writing a special note!

What do you think? Have you made cards with a fold like this before? I am always late to the cool folds party, so catch me up! And don't miss out on this fantastic kit! Each month the Spellbinders Small Kit of the Month has great dies that will build up your collection!

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