Monday, April 2, 2018

Mail It Monday: National Card and Letter Writing Month + Free downloadable calendar

Today is the first Mail It Monday of April and this Monday is kicking off a wonderful month!

It is National Card and Letter Writing Month!
In 2001, the United States Postal service began this idea to encourage people to send more mail. Well, this is a government idea I can get behind 100%! :D So, this month, I will be bringing you some fun ideas and tons of encouragement to get sending cards.

First up, is this FREE downloadable calendar to give you inspiration for whom to mail cards to each and every day this month! I saw this idea elsewhere and made it my own especially for you and for all the Mail It Monday participants! You can save the photo if you like, but if you want to print it out and keep a copy with your address book, click here:

The second item to mention is to be sure and follow Mail It Monday on Instagram! Simply search for @MailItMonday and click follow. This month I will be sharing ideas, photo inspiration, both in photo and in story form. There is so much planned! 

Third item to mention, if you are interested in sharing a card drive, or guest posting, or have any other creative ideas about Mail It Monday, please email me, or message Mail It Monday on Instagram. This is about growing a community of card-mailers, and you, yes YOU, are the key to making that happen! Join in! 

Sincerely Yours,


Tracie Pond said...

Hello Kim! I just shared on my Facebook group and someone already replied they are going to share it too. Thank you for doing what you do. =) Tracie

Greta said...

Now this is my month!! I'm an oldie & have always been the letter writer of the family. Now, of course, it's cards I send & I'm one of those people who actually does mail them frequently. Hubby often does the po run now, so we're both practically on a first name basis with the clerks--haha! Now if only they'd celebrate with 1/2 off postage for the month! It's gotten so expensive it's now part of the household budget or I'd be mailing even more cards!

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