Saturday, February 17, 2018


Thank you for all the lovely comments on the Spellbinders February 2018 Blog Hop Post! Those Corner Floral Etched dies truly are stunning! 

For those still looking for that "hidden heart" I was talking about in the post, you can see it at the end of the purple arrow I drew on the photo. It happened purely on its own when I was creating the alcohol ink background. Truly fitting for a Valentine's Day card!

And now for the winner...Please contact Spellbinders at by the 18th of February with the subject line Spellbinders February 2018 Blog Hop Winner from Kimberly’s Blog.

D.Ann C said...
I love the option of cutting in or completely out with these beautiful dies! Your cards are lovely! Yes, in addition to some of the leaves looking like hearts, there is that tiny little one, you snuck in there too. <3 p="">
February 13, 2018 at 3:03 PM

 Sincerely Yours,


Teresa Doyle said...

Congratulations D Ann, I didn't even see that little heart and I looked it over pretty good. (Apparently not good enough, LOL)

D.Ann C said...

Wahoo kachoo! Thank you and Spellbinders too!! : )

Teresa Doyle said...

Congratulations D. Ann.

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