Monday, January 22, 2018

Mail it Monday: Address Organization and Postable

Happy Mail it Monday everyone! Time to bundle up and walk out to the mailbox and warm up someone's day with a handmade card! 

Today I am excited to have a special guest! Marcie Sharp is a friend of mine. She is smart, witty, fun, and a fabulous card maker! She shared a post one day about how she keeps her addresses organized and I KNEW I had to have her share with all of you! Take it away Marcie!
 It is Mail it Monday and I am so happy to be helping Kimberly out with this fantastic series! Like many of you, I am a card-maker that sometimes forgets, or just plain ol’ doesn’t send those pretty little creations out in the mail as much as I should. Tracking down all the addresses of my friends and family (some of you move A LOT) has LONG been a deterrent to mailing out those beauties and I am happy to say I have found an address storage solution that is easy and free!

Postable is snail mail heaven. It’s an online solution for requesting, storing and updating your personal addresses. The site was created to make it easier to write and send cards to lots of people- perfect for us cardmakers! The address book is totally free and securely stores all the information you have collected.

How it works: After a quick and easy sign-up Postable generates your own link that you can use to send out on Facebook, Instagram, email and other social media that makes it easy for people to enter in their addresses. You can set your request up to ask for birthdays, email, spouse and children name’s and more if you choose. I prefer to use the standard address and birthday option—they even send you a birthday reminder email a week in advance if you need it! For those of you are super organized (NOT ME) and already have a spreadsheet of addresses, it’s very easy to import that into the site. The site doesn’t even pester your friends and family to sign up for their own account…thank goodness. Entering their info doesn’t relegate them to a lifetime of spam mail in their junk folder.  The site offers the ability (for a fee) to send their designed cards out to your address book if so desired…not something most of us cardmakers would need to utilize!

Using Postable, I have gone from a Rolodex, flimsy address book constantly lost in my purse, and scraps of addresses torn off the corner of envelopes and shoved in a drawer, to a database that contains all that info in one spot that I can access from any internet connection. SO. MUCH. EASIER.
Now that I use Postable this pretty card can be quickly mailed out to a friend! 
Thank you, Kimberly, for inviting me to guest with Mail it Monday…off to my mailbox I go to send out some handmade love. 

Ok, how much do I LOVE this! Not only can I keep myself organized, but I can also have my friends and family join in. Plus, reminders?! I need all the card-mailing reminders I can get! Thanks for sharing this great tool with us, Marcie!

Sincerely Yours,

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