Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Hand Lettering: Resources

One of my goals for 2018 is to learn how to hand letter. And from what I read from all your comments, it looks like many of you have the same goal! So, as we take this journey together, I wanted to share a few resources with you, things that I will be using this year. Hopefully we can learn together!

Paper and Pen

First up, actual hand lettering. Old school style. Paper and pen. 
Hands down, the absolute BEST resource I have found is from my friend, Kelly Klapstein. Kelly is the founder and genius behind Kelly Creates. Kelly's practice sheets are fantastic! Not only does she teach you how to letter, but she also teaches you the strokes necessary to create letters. Hand lettering is about strokes, not necessarily the complete letter. Kelly has tons of downloadable worksheets for purchase. She also has an Instagram account that is full of amazing short videos showing her lettering in action. I find watching lettering gives me more confidence when I am creating it on my own.

If you are not into downloading, awesome news, Kelly has a new line of products at Michael's stores! Her worksheets, pens, journals and more are available now! (So crazy happy for her!!)


How I am spending my time learning hand lettering is a hybrid between old school and modern tech. Since being diagnosed with RA in 2012, my hands and wrists are in pain often, and my medications cause me to shake. Taking what was pretty great handwriting and turning it into yuck. Imagine my elation when I tried out the new iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil! Smooth, easy, and not painful for me when I want to spend more than 5 minutes practicing. As you can see, I added a silicone wrap to my Apple Pencil, making it easier for me to grip!

You can find the grips on Amazon. They come in many colors. This blue one matches my cover. (Affiliate link used)

Where the whole "hybrid" thing comes in, is what you can see in the photo above. After I purchased and downloaded Kelly's practice sheets, I took individual photos of the pages. Then I can upload the images to Procreate. Procreate is the app I use when practicing my hand lettering. By simply adding a new layer, I can practice over and over and over again. Delete the layer and start with a new one. 

I can practice in the car, waiting at the school for pick up, waiting at the pool (because I live there), or anywhere else I can take my iPad. Plus, when the photos are in your iPad, no wi-fi needed.

Procreate is an incredible program and I have barely scratched the surface of its potential. One of the places I am learning about it is from a YouTube and Instagram account called Holly Pixels. I have been a fan of Holly McCaig for years. If you ever got into digital scrapbooking or photo editing, she had some incredible designs. But she is now sharing her beautiful lettering skills. She has many video tutorials, and practice sheets and brushes available for purchase and download. If you go to her website (click the link above) she is offering a FREE online course very soon. Get signed up today! 
ETA: taking the class now and it is awesome! seriously awesome!

One more person that I am a huge fan of their work is Saffron Ave. Her style of brush and calligraphy lettering is lovely. She also offers practice sheets and brushes for purchase and download. 

There you have it, what I am currently using and practicing with for my hand lettering. I will try and update you when I get the chance. Especially if I find more resources that have worked for me! And I hope the road goes both ways, if you find something wonderful, please share with me!

Sincerely Yours,

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KellyCreates said...

Hi Kimberly, Thank you so much for sharing your love of lettering, and including me too. And we share the same beautiful initial...just love that ipad 'k' you drew... for us! ha ha xoxoxo

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