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Mail It Monday: October 16 custom stamps + card drive

Happy Mail It Monday! As the days turn cooler, I hope you are finding more time to create! Because that means you can send more love to family and friends! 

One of the tools that I use every time I mail my cards is custom stamps. My absolute favorite place to get those stamps from is Bossy Joscie! Not only is Joscelyne a wonderful person, but she makes some really great stamps! I love this custom stamp above. It works on my envelopes, but also the back of my cards.

These are a few of my stamps. I love my address stamp too. Its so classy and the perfect size! So many choices and so many ways to add a special touch to your envelopes! (Did I mention she has envelopes and custom pencils too?! :D)

Many of you have asked for groups that you can send cards to, a way to make a difference. This card drive is one of those ways. Run by my friend, Vera Yates, this card drive collects holiday cards for the elderly that live in nursing homes. The following is from Vera, but please visit her blog for more details.

Hi all and welcome to the 8th annual Caring Hearts Card Drive. The purpose of our card drive is to collect holiday cards for the elderly that lives in nursing homes. I started this card in 2010 in honor of my mom's request. The first year, we collected 750 cards. And each year it continue to grow bigger. Last year we received over 66,000 cards and distribute the cards to various nursing homes throughout the US, Canada, Australia and United Kingdom.

The Caring Hearts team are excited to continue bringing holiday cheers to many nursing homes.

The holidays are about family, kindness, and joy. During this time many of the elderly who lives in nursing homes would really feel the loneliness or missing their family. Wouldn't it be so awesome if we can bring a smile to their face & brighten their holiday season simply by sharing our love of card making? A simple gesture to let them know that they are not forgotten. That someone still thinking of them.

We all love making cards and what’s better than knowing our creations can bring a smile to others, right? Some helpful people already agree to help us deliver the cards to selected nursing homes.


This card drive will be going on from October 2 to November 17, 2017. We need to receive your card by November 17, 2017.
Please make the cards for Christmas or Holiday Wishes only
All cards need to have a message inside (can be stamped or hand written).
Sign your name and where you are from inside the card. 
Please include an envelope for each card and please don't seal the envelope. 
Please stick to standard size A2 or 4-1/4" x 5-1/2" card as this will help us in packing more efficiently 
Please don't use any pins (safety reason). 
This is totally optional. But, if you'd like to include $2 or $3 to help with shipping, it'll be much appreciated. We cover the shipping cost ourselves, so any donation toward shipping would help tremendously. 

For US, you can mail the cards to:
  • Vera Yates, 1314 Roy St., Houston, TX 77007 
  • Christy Wilkerson, 8057 Hunters Ridge Drive, West Chester, OH 45069 
  • Jana Millen, 1047 Valley Wood Dr, Batavia, OH 45103

For Australia:
  • Deb McCleary, CHCDrive, PO Box 213, Heidelberg, VIC 3084, Australia 

For Canada:
  • Caroline Bredeson, 7 Brown Street, Ottawa, ON K1S 1L9, Canada 
  • Rita Andrews, 28 West Gissing Rd, Cochrane, Alberta T4C 1L6, Canada 

In each package, PLEASE include THIS SUBMISSION FORM. This helps us in keeping track for prizes! For each card you send, you will get a chance. So the more cards you send, the better your chances.

To thank you for your generosity in supporting this drive, we have several PRIZES ready for several winners. There will be many winners. :)

Also, if you 'd like to help us promote the card drive, whenever you're sharing your projects for Caring Hearts on social media, please use the hashtag #caringheartscarddrive. Part of my life goal is to spread kindness and make kindness a trend. :)

The nursing homes that we supported are based on what people suggested to us. If you want your local nursing homes to receive cards from the card drive, please email me or Jennifer the name of the nursing homes and the number of residents, so we can make sure that we send enough cards. Each year, we never know how many nursing homes we can support as the number are totally based on how many cards we received. To keep things organized, we assigned the 6 collecting addresses above.

Go and send cards, my friends! <3 p="">

 Sincerely Yours,

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This is such a great cause !!

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