Monday, June 12, 2017

returning with life updates

Once again, it has been quiet here, but you knew that would be the case. So, since January, here is what has been happening...

We said good-bye to my Grandma in February. She was surrounded by love for her final days. So much love. She was truly at peace. I know she is rejoicing with her Lord and Savior. But how I miss her. Because of how deep the frost goes in northern Minnesota we were finally able to lay her body to rest in May. It was a small service, with our closest family and friends. She is back with my Grandpa again. Side by side, as they should be.

In March our family took a vacation to Hawaii. We started on Oahu, staying on Waikiki. Then we flew to The Big Island for the last few days. My husband and I had not been to those islands in 17 years. It was our son's first trip. We had the most wonderful time! We stayed in beautiful places and enjoyed what is truly paradise.

At the end of March we took another small trip to the Twin Cities to celebrate my birthday with my parents and sister and nephew. We played tourist and enjoyed the Mall of America and getting to shop at IKEA. Being together has helped us with our grief. Its amazing how healing laughing, crying, and sharing stories together truly is.

This spring marked the end of our son's years in elementary school. I blinked and poof! With the end brought art shows, choir concerts, band concerts, 5th grade concert, and at this point I cannot remember what else! It was also a time of testing and placement for middle school. We are so proud of how hard he worked during that insane time and how well he scored on all his tests. He has been placed in the Talented and Gifted program for the fall, and will start on the high school math track. He is beyond excited to start this new adventure. And while I am nostalgic, I have to say that his enthusiasm is contagious!

Me in the glass balcony at Sky Deck in Willis Tower. The glass balcony hangs out 1,353 feet up! The view was incredible and it was not scary to be out there, at all!

We definitely needed another break and adventure at the end of the year, so we spent Memorial Day weekend in Chicago. While my husband and I have both been for work, we have never been there for fun. It seems so silly when we are so close, so off we went! We all LOVED Chicago! We stayed on Grant Park and enjoyed everything the downtown has to offer. Giordanos' Pizza, the night bus tour, and the museums were all huge hits! We cannot wait to visit again!

Which brings us to the craziness of summer. We are running our son to swim practice, swim meets, golf, band lessons, welding camp (hilarious and awesome choice by him!), and whatever else is barely fitting on our calendar. I love having him home, so much!

My posts will be picking up soon. Starting this week. A very cool announcement is on its way. One I am excited to share!

Thanks for always following along and sticking with me!


Kreative Kymona said...

It's so good to hear from you!! Once again I'm sorry about your grandma! She is in a better place with the Lord! Family is everything! I miss your creativity but understand. It was fun seeing some of your vacation photos. thanks for sharing. I can't wait for your announcement!

creatingincolors said...

So good to hear from you! I love that you are living life to the fullest with your family.

Rox-Ann said...

Can't wait to hear your exciting news looking forward to seeing you soon! Love all the photos and miss your great creations!

Judy Inukai said...

Thanks for the updates. I'm so sorry about your grandma. Can't believe your son is ready for middle school already. He looks so grown up. I'm anxious to hear your exciting news and see what's next for you. Thanks for all your inspiring creations.

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