Monday, August 4, 2014

the summer of '14

Ahhh, summer, the laid-back, relaxing, kick-your-feet up time of year. Oh wait. That wasn't our summer at all! We have been going like crazy all summer. And really, I wouldn't change it for the world! Sorry it has been so quiet around here. Here's a little peek at all that has been happening with us!

This is a personal post, full of photos, so feel free to skip this, if you are looking for paper crafting. :)

The biggest thing this summer was swimming. Both summer rec and USA Swim. The little man was in the pool all summer. He loves every minute. He begs to go to practice. And he works hard. All that hard work paid off as he is the city 25 Fly champ!! His medley and free relays also took first in the city! And he took second in the 25 Free! We are so proud because he earned those ribbons!

This photo is from one of his outdoor meets. I just love it. So much. When I showed it to the little man he said, cool, I look old, and I have GOT to get my head lower in the water when I breathe. Ha. That's my kiddo!

In the end of June we headed to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area in Ely, MN for our annual trip. We had an interesting paddling journey this time as we battled a very strong head wind on the way back. 

The wildlife and scenery is always so breathtaking. What amazes me most about the BWCA is the quiet. Absolute quiet. Peaceful, soul-filling quiet.

On the way to my parents, a bit farther south in MN, we stopped at Gooseberry Falls in Gooseberry State Park, MN. Its a beautiful set of falls, which considering all the rain up there, was quiet docile. The boys had fun climbing out to the center and all over the rocks.

We continued down the shore to my parents with a stop at Brighton Beach in Duluth, MN. I have always loved this beach, but even more so when my husband got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. (So it was January and -20 below do what you gotta do in winter!) It was a perfect day with my whole family.

One more stop on the way, this is Jay Cooke State Park in Carlton, MN. Stunning falls. Gorgeous rock formations. We had a lot of fun climbing around here!

Sunset on the lake I grew up on. Always gorgeous.

In the end of July I found out that my beloved piano was beyond repairs. Love had blinded me to all its faults and flaws. I played this piano as my dad moved it into the house right after my 10th birthday. I couldn't even wait 5 minutes. My piano has been my best friend. I would play for hours and hours. It was what I was good at. It was my thing. My piano has followed me wherever I have moved. I cried as they moved it out, but the movers were so sweet and let me play it one last time. They also let me keep some of the keys and the top. I have plans for both to keep my happy memories. The new-to-me piano is fabulous and I love it, so my heart is back to full again!

My husband works in the aviation industry and has for almost 20 years. Every year is EAA Airventure, a huge airshow in Osh Kosh, WI. Its been a few years since I have been able to attend and we have never taken the little man. This year was the year! 

The highlight of the visit is always the airshow. To see the planes you have looked at all day in action, in the air, is a thrill! Not to mention the beauty of their flight and patterns.

The show ended with the Thunderbirds. Wow! So much precision and power!

What I am always left with when I leave is gratitude to all the men and women who have served our country to preserve our freedoms. What sacrifice. What bravery. I am humbled.

Our last stop on our weekend away was to visit Madison, WI. We visited the Olbrich Gardens and if you get a chance to stop there, do! The gardens are beautiful! If I had known, I would have planned much more time! I could visit every day and find something new. Not to mention the photography paradise!

Each path has trails and bridges and beauty.

My favorite spot had to be the Thai garden. This garden and building was a gift from Thailand to UW-Madison. It is the only garden like it in the United States! Gold leafing on the building, along with exquisite details, make this like a dream world.

Well, school starts in two weeks and we go back to the pool tonight...we had a busy, but full and happy summer! Hope yours was the same! I will be back soon with the start of the August MFT Release Countdown!

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Jennifer K said...

Looks like you've had a very full summer! So many wonderful memories were made!

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