Wednesday, April 2, 2014

April Fool's Dinner

So I just had to share another one of our traditional April Fool's faux dinners! I made this last night for the little man and he loved it! I think he had more fun guessing what everything was, rather than eating it!

Fried Rice: 
Is a cupcake I cut in half, placed on a plate and added more frosting around. Then I poured on Rice Krispies cereal. The peas and carrots are candy I ordered online. The egg is a flattened yellow Tootsie roll cut into small pieces.

Green Tootsie rolls stretched out and some split at the top. I rolled the ends in frosting to create a ball and then into green nonpareils. I think this one creeped him out the most. 

I purchased a set of presses online and used wheat bread filled with peanut butter. The cook marks were made from me brushing on chocolate syrup. Chocolate syrup is also what the sauce is, with a few sesame seeds added for look.

The look on his face is hilarious! Thank goodness for real dinner afterwards!

thanks for letting me share a little bit of our family fun!


1 comment:

Janis said...

What a hoot!!! This is AWESOME!!!!
LOVE it. TFS!!
<3 J

jwoolbright at gmail dot com

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