Friday, September 20, 2013

exploring a digital issue of Paper Crafts Magazine, a video

Today I want to show you how a digital issue of Paper Crafts Magazine works, when viewed via their app on the iPad. As so many of you already know, Paper Crafts and Scrapbooking will be the new format of the magazine starting with the January 2014 issue. The magazine will only be available in digital format. Monthly. Yes, monthly issues of the magazine again! And before you panic about not having print issues, special issues will continue once a month, and will be available at your favorite bookseller or through the online store, Scrap and Paper Shop.

Now, I am sharing this as someone who personally subscribes digitally. While I am a Paper Crafts Go-To-Gal, this is what I know about the app and issue. I might not be aware of features, but I am sharing the best of my knowledge. I want you to be familiar and comfortable with the digital format. Its really great. Truly. So many cool features and neat things that you cannot and could never do with a print issue. This video shows the iPad, but you can also access the digital issue with your computer, be it a desktop or laptop.

Watch the whole thing, as I pretty much show you the entire issue and give tips along the way. I truly hope it helps you see how fantastic the issues are and removes some of the fear of the unknown. :)

Embracing the future and thanking you for stopping by!


P.S. Have a fantastic weekend! Barring any unforeseen rain, I will be camping for the first time, EVER. The little man has his first Cub Scout overnight camp out. He is beyond excited. I am feigning excitement, mostly from nerves. Oh, the things our children make us experience. There will be s'mores, that makes it all ok. :)


Unknown said...

NO, NO, NO!! I want a paper copy! I don't own an IPad, so I can't sit in my recliner and flip through the issue. I would have to sit at my computer. I will no longer be a PaperCrafts fan or reader when it goes all digital. Newer isn't always better!
A VERY disappointed subscriber,

joy said...

I agree. I do have a laptop, but it is not set up to be carried around. I will not sit at my desk to look at a magazine. I LOVE reading books, zines, newspapers, etc. in paper form.

Sorry, I do know that this is the future of the printed word. But, I will be very slow to embrace it.

Michele Gross said...

Thanks for taking the time to go through all this Kimberly!
I too love snuggling up with a print copy, but I have to admit, I do really like the cool sound it makes when the digital issue turns pages :)
Love the linking dealie!! Looking forward to trying out some of the features you pointed out :) HUGS!!

cgargus said...

I agree with Laura. Papercrafts has been my fav, but I don't have an ipad and won't sit at my computer to look through it. I am very sad, indeed. There isn't a place locally where I can buy special issues, the closest is 2 hrs away. The postage on ordering will kill a person every month. Very sad. CARDS went to digital, and they lost me. I'm so sad to hear this news.

StacyC said...

You did a great job showing off the issue and how easy it is to read in the digital format! Thanks for taking the time to put this together and share with everyone.


Holly Ann said...

I love this post!!! Thanks for taking the time to walk through the digital issue. It really is cool and is going to be cooler starting January. One thing worth mentioning is that anything that flashes yellow when you turn the page is linked to something else. If you noticed, there's lots of yellow, which makes the digi issue quite handy and interactive. :-) Thanks, Kimberly!

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