Wednesday, August 14, 2013

love and an anniversary

bicycle built for two with Echo Park by Kimberly Crawford
Today on the old blog, its all about love. This card didn't get any love. Pennant stickers were attached to a paper straw to create a cute flag. Kind of a random assortment of product here, all from Echo Park Paper, Love Story. Very lovey-dovey. And to look at it with a critical eye, the angle of this photo didn't do me any favors. (so like when I have photos taken of myself. haha.) You cannot easily see the heart sticker on the top of the flag pole and other little touches. Lesson learned.
Tip: Flatten your straw in the middle, to allow other embellishments to be placed over it.
The happy love part of this post is about the fact that it is our 14th wedding anniversary today. Fourteen years on the 14th. Wow. Its hard to believe. There is no one on earth that I would rather be spending my life with, raising a family with, and growing old with. I am truly blessed by my husband. We have been through the great, the amazing, the bad, the ugly, and the very ugly. And we still wake up every morning making the choice to love each other. Unconditionally. Happy Anniversary my love!
thanks for stopping by!


jasann said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Keep on cherishing each other!!!!

Linda said...

Happy anniversary! You share your day with my sister and BIL who are celebrating 37 years today!

Dorothy C. said...

Happy Anniversary! Love the card.

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