Friday, April 12, 2013

getting crafty

ceramic cake stands

Its been a bit nutty around here. Which seems to always be the case. :) The crafty projects have been flowing out of my office, but most of them can’t be shared. So, today I thought I would show you a couple projects that I have been working on.

The first are these cake stands! I have a thing for cake stands. An obsession passion. And I would have many more in my possession, if I could find a great place to display them all. Thinking on that one…

I picked these ones up at Michael’s. They are raw ceramic and about 7” in diameter and about 4” tall. I could  not refuse. Both got several coats of white paint. The one on the left got a chalkboard top. The one on the right had the edges finished to look aged, or that Pottery Barn look. Its easy to achieve, just lighten brown paint with white and apply to the edges. As it is wet, remove some of the paint with a slightly damp paper towel. Add or take away as much paint as you desire.

bakers twine on clothespins

My baker’s twine  collection was getting a wee bit out of control. Off to Pinterest I went, browsing and saw someone wrap theirs around clothespins. Perfect. The end of the twine gets clipped into the pin to stay in place. My office has ribbon in candy jars and this one was just waiting for the twine, it appears. Yay! An I saw it, I pinned it, I did it!

Tomorrow I will be back with a card, I promise. thanks for stopping by!


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