Monday, October 8, 2012

I saw it, I pinned it, I did it!

carmel apple sticks
Original photo from HERE
Its time for another Pinterest post. Yes, I am working on actually trying the things I pin! :) I saw this way cute idea for a caramel apple dipping party. It didn’t work out for the poster as planned and I didn’t have all those ingredients available either, so I came up with my own version.
oct 2 020

We adore Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory apples, especially the Pecan Monster version, so the above seemed like the best way to go with the idea. The chocolate is from Baker’s (Baker’s Dipping Chocolate). It’s a small bucket of chocolate chips made for melting. I dipped each end of the apple slices into it and placed it on wax paper. While the chocolate was still setting, I sprinkled pecans. Some white chocolate squares were melted in a small bowl and I used a spoon to drop it over the top of each slice. These got lots of thumbs up from the home crowd. And I will be making them again.

Definitely a change from the original post, but its fun to see where inspiration takes you! I would love to hear about your creations from your pins!

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Brenda said...

Yum...that is some delicious inspiration. I have just started to pin. There is so much inspiration out there, right now I am just pinning....someday soon, I'll get creative with those pins.

Jana said...

I love Rocky Mountain apples too! My favorite has chocolate and peanut butter? I think Tiger something....HMMM. Yours look yummy

Knitty said...

I just had a class on creating gourmet apples and wrote about it here: Gourmet Apples and Pears

I had already decided that I would prefer starting off with sliced fruit and this post shows me that my hunch was right. Thanks for showing this.

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