Wednesday, July 18, 2012

hexagon thanks

hexagon thanks

Find out what inspired me to make this card on the CardMaker Magazine blog today! Because let’s face it, I am totally in love with the hexagon trend! :)

thanks for stopping by!


P.S. On the personal front, I am attempting to attend CHA-S in Chicago this week. I am excited and a wee bit nervous. I am not working a booth, which I could never do, but simply walking. It will be wonderful to explore, but it will also allow me to take my time and rest. Rest will have to happen often. It will be good to feel “normal” for a little bit. (I will share my favorites when I get back.)

My medicines are slowly beginning to work. The dosages were increased last week. I am sleeping better at night. Getting out of bed in the morning is much smoother, slow, but no more yelling in pain. And other small victories are happening. Here is hoping the next 4-6 weeks bring more improvement. Finding the new normal for my body will be good. It will be the start of my new life and learning how to cope.

I still am grateful for your continued emails and prayers. They mean so very much!! Hugs!


Alexandra Boehnke said...

This colorcombo white-yellow-blue is one of my fav! I love your card! It looks soooo great!

Unknown said...

Lovely card Kim! I had no idea you were going through all of this stuff with the RA! It will get better.
I will keep you in my prayers!
Have fun at CHA but take it easy!

Big hugs,
True :D

Lisa Carroll said...

This is beautiful, Kimberly! Love the fresh color combo, and the design is fab! Hope you're enjoying CHA. :)

Rox-Ann said...

Love this card! Have a blast at CHA

Jessica said...

this is just beautiful! love the fresh colors and fun design!!! hope you're feeling better! :)

Elizabeth Allan said...

Love this stunning creation! Thank you so much for delivering your special hug at CHA -- it meant the world to see you!

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