Monday, June 25, 2012

masking and misting

Kimberly Crawford mask mist 1

Hi everyone! I am posting today over at the Scrapbook Adhesives Crafty Power Blog today. And I am using new product from Spellbinders Paper Arts with some great adhesives! :)

thanks for stopping by!


P.S. Personal stuff…I started my treatment just about two weeks ago. I am currently taking three different medications, with one of them being slowly eliminated within the next c0uple of months. Its going ok. There have been positive moments, like being able to bend all the joints in my right thumb, and having a day or two of “good.” But there have been days in bed, days of exhaustion, days of pain and icky sick. The bright moments do leave me with a feeling of hope, that things will get better in the near future. The doctors have told me to expect the effectiveness to be felt more fully in one to two months. Oh, patience, you are not one of my virtues. :)

As far as creating goes, I am very slowly working my way back into projects. My design teams and publication work are obviously getting first dibs. There is pain and discomfort, but I am learning to adapt and make things work for me. I spent an afternoon with an occupational therapist and learned about modifying how I work. Turns out, I was doing a pretty good job. There are several devices that can make my life easier, but until I find my new normal, those can wait.

Again, I CANNOT thank you all enough for all your emails, messages, and prayers! And for letting me share!!


paddie said...

Sharing is makes us feel less alone and having more folks to tell our troubles too. This way we don't wear out our loved ones. LOL. We are here and there will be others that will give a hand.
We are all human and can identify with pain and suffering. Keep on keeping on and new progects are great for you.
take care and GB

Claire Brennan said...

Hugs to you Kimberly, I sure hope the meds kick in for you!!Big squeeze!

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