Sunday, February 27, 2011

the birthday party

Luigi Cake Topper

The 5th birthday party. It took some creativity. The little man requested a Luigi (from Super Mario Bros) birthday party. We found a great, plastic figurine at Barnes and Noble and knew it would be the perfect cake, or in this case cupcake, topper. And everything went from there.

Cupcake Tower

The cupcake tower I picked up at our local party store. I put it together inside out and upside down, so the colors worked with our theme. If I really wanted to get crazy, I could have covered it with paper. :) Its a Wilton product.

The mushrooms were from Bed, Bath & Beyond (weird, I know). They were filled with candy. We emptied the candy out and had cute decorations.

I made the cupcake toppers with Spellbinders die templates, Circles and Stars 5. I glued the pieces to toothpicks. And they are different sizes.

E man Luigi

The little man found these self-adhesive moustaches at the party store. They turned out to be a blast! (creative boy :)) I made a moustache-on-a-stick for all the boys. The photos are hilarious. And to add to the theme, I picked up a couple of $1 white hats at Michael’s. Tulip Brands makes a fabric spray paint, which colored the hats pretty well, in a short amount of time. I die cut a circle from cardstock and added a green Thicker to complete the Luigi look.

(Wish you could hear him say moustache. It sounds like moose-taash. So sweet.)

Pin the Moustache

And instead of pin the tail on the donkey, we played pin the moustache on Luigi. It worked perfectly with the sticky-backed moustaches!!

I still cannot believe that my baby boy is 5 years old. He is growing up and changing so quickly. Its bittersweet, but I am so very proud of him! He is sweet, smart, kind, thoughtful, helpful, and has a wonderful sense of humor. God has blessed us with an amazing boy!

Have a wonderful weekend! thanks for stopping by!!


Joy said...

How cute and adorable is your birthday boy, sounds like you all had a wonderful day..this day obviously was a hit all because his Mumma is so talented to create these party things.

Rae Barthel said...

LOVE it!!!! so, so clever!!! :)

Rox-Ann said...

Everything turned out super cute Kim! I know Ethan had an awesome time with his party and he had so much fun planning the party with Mom. love the photos and those mustaches are so cute what a fun game!

Margie H said...

The little man is lucky to have one creative mom! Great job on the party decs - thanks for the great ideas :) Love the moustaches or should I say moose-tassh (cute!) - LOL!!

Bev J. said...

Cute little man-great party you created for him.

Mrs Ham said...

What a great party theme. I'm sure everyone had a great time. Your son looks so cute. They grow up so fast.

lisa808 said...

Awesome! Happy 5th Birthday!

Heather said...

Cute theme! I like the mustaches on a stick.

MandyKay said...

love it!!! You did a great job co-coordinating everything! We used those EXACT mustaches at my daughter's party this weekend! (pics are on my blog)

Laura Davis said...

Oh my goodness..... you are superwoman for sure this is just awesome!

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