Monday, March 1, 2010

Baking with Impressabilities™

WOW! Can you believe the news that topped off my week? I made the Spellbinders™ design team for another year!! What a huge honor and thrill!! I adore Spellbinders™ products and I cannot wait to spend another year creating with the product and all the wonderful people! Check out the announcement HERE!

A.J. Otto
Ashley Cannon Newell
Deborah Young
Gina Hanson
Judy Hayes
Julie Overby
Kazan Clark
Kimberly Crawford
Latisha Yoast
Mona Pendleton

And to all my new teammates-I can’t wait to start working with you!!

I thought for today, I would share one of my favorite ideas and tutorials from last year. Here is how I combine two of my favorite things: baking and paper crafting!!! Yummy!

Sugared Brownie CU

This is a brownie that has been dusted with sugar, using the Flowers Impressabilities™.


I used dusting sugars that I picked up in the baking aisle at Michael’s. Its a very fine powdered sugar with added color. The brownie was cut with a cookie cutter and then covered in frosting. (the frosting helps the sugar stay in place better, in my opinion)

Placing Impressabilities Over Brownie

Place the Impressabilities™ over the brownie, gently pushing it into the frosting.

Dusting Sugar Over Brownie

I placed the sugars in a strainer, so I had more control and even coverage. Tap gently.

Sugar on Brownie

You can see how the brownie is covered with sugar. Gently lift the Impressabilities™ straight up, so you do not disturb the sugars. Serve and enjoy!!

We spent the weekend back at “home.” We took in our last UMD hockey series at home and spent some time with the family. It was nice to be back in MN, but so hard to leave again. Things are settling down and I feel like I might be getting a handle on everything again! :) I have been working on getting us involved here-swimming lessons are on the schedule and we found a wonderful pre-school for the fall. My biggest complaint is the townhouse, yes its small, but I can handle that. What we cannot handle, is the smell of smoke. The people who lived here before us must have been smokers. Every time the heat or the bathroom fans run, yuck! Anyone have any suggestions for removing that smell? It has permeated our clothing, so we smell too. Thanks ahead of time for the advice!

hope your week is looking great!! thanks for stopping by!


kmassman said...

Pretty! Yum!

hippe said...

what a great idea!

die hippe

Shawna said...

No surprise to the rest of us ---- you are super talented!!! Congrats! Love the little cake.

Gina said...

I remember this . . . what a pretty dessert! :) Sorry to hear about the smoke smell, I wouldn't like that either . . . talk to your landlords. What about putting one of those scent thingys in your heater unit where your filter goes???

Jennifer K said...

What a clever idea to use these for baking.

Re: the smoke - that sucks. I wouldn't like it either. DH asked if you have changed out the furnace filter? That would be a quick and easy fix to minimize the smell.

lisa808 said...


ilonka said...

Oh this is realy- I think there are special candles to be lightet and than reduce this odor. But I am not shure about it- And new filter should be helpful as well.
As far as I know ther ar special sprays as well to reduce all kind of odors in rooms.

Lesa said...

Awww Kimberly big hugs girl! I would die if I has to put up with smoke smell in my home. I have no idea how to get rid of it though. Did you smell it when you first looked at the place? Congratulations on making the team for another year. You deserve it! It has been so much fun hanging with you this past year. I will miss it tons!!!

Geny (Mommy Geny) said...

Congrats my friend on the Spellbinders team! I hope you had a great visit to MN...and good luck getting rid of that awful smell, yuck! Hugs!

Jen Kim said...

congratulations to you! and cool idea, i'm all for combining food and crafting, what an interesting look :-)

Carolyn King said...

woohoo...Congrats girlie! Sorry about the smoke smell....not sure how to get rid of that smell.

Pati said...

Very cool and cute idea for "dressing up" cakes & brownies!
Ideas for Smoke smell, change filters, clean bathroom fan, wash & paint walls, clean (more like replace) carpets, anything washable really, Febreeze sprays, candles... Sadly, it's not easy, lots of work and you still may not get rid of it all... Do an internet search! :)

PEA said...

Hey Kimberly,
Again, couldn't happen to a nicer gal.
The smoke smell. A gal I know smoked for years and you would never know it by smell of her house. Good old fashioned rubbing alcohol was what she used to remove the smells. Even waved a p. towel with it sprayed on around every day to catch the smell.
Hope it helps and you get rid of it.

kristie sessions said...

wow. congrats kim!! i remember when you made the team. i can't believe its been a year already!! nhows the new house?

~Lori Roop (loree2000 SCS) said...

Cool idea! You could even use them with baking spray paint.

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