Monday, July 27, 2009

on my way to CHA....

As you are reading this, I am already in Orlando and setting up the Spellbinders booth for CHA! I will get a little time off here and there, so I will try and take photos to share with you when I return. I won't have any internet or computer access while I am gone, so if you email me, just give me until the weekend to respond. I am hoping to have a card or maybe two to share with you, as long as Blogger behaves! :) Have a marvelous week and thanks for stopping by!

Hey, check THIS out. Malt-O-Meal has a blog for moms. Kind of made me giggle! :) Its really nice that they liked my project, though! :)

A couple more things...I changed some items on my blog, to streamline it a little more.
If you are looking for links to other fabulous bloggers, there is now a link on the side, called Places of Inspiration. This will make adding names much easier. (sorry about the random email you all got Saturday...this is why :))
And I took away the post labels, because I added a search box. The box will allow you to type a word in and it will find all the posts in my blog related to that word. This is also on the right side.


Regina Easter said...

have a great time girl....hugs

Tracey said...

Have a fabulous time at CHA! Travel safe!

acreativeneed said...

Have a fabulous time Kimberly!

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