Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Summer recap

Just a few photos of our busy summer:
Playing on the shore of Lake Superior (south shore)
telling me he needs to go to the airport to get his jet. when asked why? he said, because he is a flyer guy (AKA pilot. note the headphones-what a hoot!)
He is our monkey with a monkey statue at Como Park Zoo
He was so excited to see the fire engines at the 4th of July parade
Priceless, isn't it? He is waiting to make his first s'more :)

A large thank you to the following people for giving me awards on their blogs. I am so honored and so embarrassed at the same time! It is truly touching that you enjoy my blog and that you find inspiration here. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!
Deb Harter
Dee Woodland
Karen from PA
thanks for stopping by! I appreciate all the visits and comments! ((HUGS))


Niki Estes said...

Oh, he's so cute, Kim! Looks like he had a fun summer!

Rachel@oneprettything.com said...

What cute kids! I just came by to check out your fortune cookie project, it's so great! I'll be linking to it today and adding you so I don't miss a thing. Your bloc rocks!

Julie Masse said...

What adorable pictures!! I love the b&W - he's so cute!! :)

littlebrownpen said...

The smores shot is fantastic! I have two boys and though the youngest just turned one, we have a smore fest this summer as well.

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