Friday, December 2, 2011

faux metal jewelry and a video tutorial

Faux Metal Jewelry

Today I am excited to share this project with you! Did you know that you can create a beautiful piece of jewelry like this, using paper?! Yes, that butterfly is paper!

Faux Metal Jewelry CU

To show you how easy this is to create, I have made a video tutorial for you. Be sure and check it out for two reasons, one there is different piece of jewelry being made on the video, and two, this would make a wonderful gift to make for someone!

For those that need the direct link: Faux Metal Jewelry

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Supplies: Spellbinders-S5-070 Ornate Artisan Tags and Accents, Silver Engraving Art Board (Royal Langenickel)


Rox-Ann said...

Wow this is super cool and I love the necklace thanks for the video you make it looks so easy!

craftymum said...

thank you
hugs Sarah x

Angela Fehr said...

This is so gorgeous and I loved watching the video to see how it was done - I didn't expect to see scratchboard!

Charlene Austin said...

Kim! Shut the hell up! That is awesome. Loooove this creation. I would never have known this type of "paper" even existed!

Oh and you like that type of liquid glue you use in the video? I'm a Mono Multi girl but having a hard time finding it now. I've been tempted to buy that bottle but worried it would be a waste of money.

Missss youuuu girlyyyyy!

lazystamper said...

Love the jewelry. Thanks for sharing the tecnique with the video. You make it look so easy.

Eli said...

OOh, la, la, Kimberly. Love the technique and will definitely give it a try. Stunning!

Judy I said...

Thanks for the great inspiration and tutorial. Great gift idea.

Tammy Saglimbene said...

Just love this!!! Unfortunately I don't own the machine or templates:( just incredible though. Thanks for the tut:)

Heather OCain said...

Fun project! I've done something like this for dollhouse miniatures but not jewelry! Earrings would be cool! Thanks for the tutorial :)

Lana said...

Saw this from Beading Gems Journal and wanted to thank you for combining two of my favorite things, paper & jewelry. Will be trying this technique soon! Many thanks! Lana Cisinski