Monday, January 20, 2020

Valentine's Day Decor - We R Memory Keepers Fabric Quill

Love is in the air! I have always loved decorating for holidays, and other than Christmas, the most decor I have is for Valentine's Day. Is it because I am 100% a sappy romantic? Probably? That red is my favorite color? Yep. Is it because the heart image has always been one of my favorite icons? Totally! 

We R Memory Keepers has some pretty amazing tools out there right now. Using several of them, I was able to create this adorable banner. And honestly, it didn't take me very much time at all! Good tools help make that happen. And I don't know about you, but I sure love sitting down and creating and having everything work well and end up with a successful project! 

I began by adding color to my canvas banners with the Cordless Marker Airbrush. Using both pink and orange made an interesting background. I also like how subtle the color ended up being once it dried on the fabric. 

Then I used the new Fabric Quill to draw the hearts on each part. Well, I didn't draw them, my Silhouette drew them with a pink marker in the Fabric Quill Kit. The Fabric Quill comes with an adapter for each major digital die cutting machine and markers. It utilizes the pen tool feature of the machine. The results are pretty darn great and I was really impressed!
I grabbed The Works All-In-One Tool to create the tassels. That tool has every possible paper crafting need you could have-all in one tool that is the size of a paper trimmer. One that's been folded in half! I added some punched hearts, letter stickers, and enamel shapes to finish things off. This looks SO cute hanging in our kitchen over the table!

I have a full and complete tutorial on the We R Memory Keepers blog. I also have some peeks on my Instagram account (@kimberlystamps). I love sharing quick tips and tricks with you in the stories. Plus, you can see my fat cat and my handsome teenager often too. :D

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