Monday, May 28, 2018

Mail it Monday: Spotlight Cardmakers for Kindness

People with a passion always stand out to me. There is something so beautiful about their dreams and hearts, its hard to miss, even through online posts. When I came across Tracie Ponds and her Cardmakers for Kindness movement, I knew it was something special to be shared! 

Cardmakers for Kindness is on Instagram and what Tracie does there is share creative projects from others. People tag their projects with #cardmakersforkindness to be chosen.
She is simply spreading the love around. Something not only needed in the card-making world, but the entire world! Read more about Tracie:

Who is Tracie Pond and What is Cardmakers for Kindness?

A 44 year old stay at home wife to a loving husband of 19 years. Two senior labradoodles are her only kids. She left her corporate accounting career 12 years ago not knowing where life would take her. Key parts of her life are: her family, flower gardening, nature, learning how to live a more healthy lifestyle and cardmaking.

This past Winter, she started Cardmakers for Kindness on Instagram and also on Facebook (not very active…working on it.). What is Cardmakers for Kindness? Her vision at this point is simply a place to encourage others to create, share and encourage others. There are so many talented creators out there. It doesn’t matter if someone is new to cardmaking or an expert. All of us can learn from one another. She doesn’t want people to feel like they are not good enough to create and share with others. Everyone is at a different place in their journey.

Cardmakers for Kindness on Instagram is a place Tracie shares others kind creations. She selects from people who use the hashtag #cardmakersforkindness. She hopes people are finding new crafty friends and a creative support network filled with kindness.

When she was growing up her wish was for everyone to get along. Maybe this is where this is stemming from, she just wants everyone to be kind and support one another. Respect each other’s differences. Help don’t hurt. Learn from others and maybe even send a handmade smile or two.

Future plans for Cardmakers for Kindness – First and foremost this is not a business. This is an act of kindness. There are no specific plans. So much depends on where the community wants to take it.

I love how Tracie is building our community! Card-makers are awfully special people, so close to my heart. Join in with her and spread kindness. Thank you, Tracie!

Happy Mail It Monday, card-mailers! 

If you haven't yet, follow @MailItMonday on Instagram! We have surpassed 1000 card-mailers in our new community and would LOVE for you to join in. So many creative people, willing to encourage one another in card-making and card-mailing! See you there!

Sincerely Yours,
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Tracie Pond said...

Kind thanks for such a special spotlight, Kimberly. It makes my heart happy when people with common interests come together and support one another. <3

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